5 Friends Looks We Need To Recreate Now

There have been many great shows on the TV’s history, and people have obsessed over many of them, all of them have been aired in different eras. The genres were different, themes, actors, adaption, storyline, many variants I must say. However, the One TV show has managed to crack open us all, a warm fuzzy, funny loveable 90s show FRIENDS. All of you who have watched the amazing series knows each person on the show and has an obsession over the same. The leads were three men and three women, total six friends living in New York City. Now the show was aired from 1994 to 2004, and most of the trends that were up and about then are just a sad cruel joke now. However, I have been able to find few iconic outfits while browsing the series.

her first impression in the series was as a spoilt rich girl who runs away from her own wedding, she built up her career and life like a strong sturdy. Her dress to the gala event of Ross, is a classic cocktail dress. A pale mint green dress with princess line cut & a slit in front is a style that was popular then and popular now.


Courtney Cox portrayed as Monica in the series, a very motherly but controlling person, who also happened to deal with her overweight younger self. However, she decides to lose weight and get healthy and hot as she is. Her classic pair of a Red Cami with ripped denim and a pair of white sneakers is a hot current trend. She was indeed way ahead of her time.


We all remember the digitally printed leggings in a polyester Lycra. Phoebe Buffay, a quirky character in the series, wore the simplest outfit and rocked it. With ankle boots, digital print leggings and plain black trouser is a plain classic.


If we talk about ahead in fashion time, Phoebe has always dresses up ahead of her time. With a tie and dye baggy sweatshirt with a bold gothic print is a sight for sore eyes. Apart from this, her character was this vegetarian, animal loving girl with simple life rules, her these characteristics often showcased in her appearance of earthy toned hippy clothes.


With a black backed skirt with autumn flower all over print and a velvet coat, only a true beauty can look amazing with a combo, the main attraction though will be the accessorizing part of it. A metal collar choker with matching earrings and a French milkmaid braids is making up for the whole attire.


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