90’s Trend Making Its Way Back

What was the 90s? Picture it for me. Colorful & bright? Sitcoms, pop music, coca cola, and bicycle ride? Lots of weird trendy tiny things to put on? I used to put on those little butterflies in my braids while watching small wonder. Then we all grew up, and sitcoms were replaced by Channel V or VH1 in my case. Braids were replaced with ultra-straight hair & wide legged jeans were traded with skinny jeans. I used to ridicule at how I was naive and used to put on so many things I frowned upon until now. To cut it short in my opinion 90’s trends are making its comeback. I have had a subject in my graduation where we studied product’s life cycle. Any trend has its high & low, and after the low the cults make its comeback, and the elements are always reflected in one way or the other.

In today’s article, we shall discuss some of the 90’s trends and how it is making its comeback. If you are unsure about it, then check out how some top notch celebrities are rocking it.
Jennifer Aniston, Drew Berrymore, Juhi Chawla, Kate Winslet, Haley Berry Julia Roberts all of these ladies were at their peak in 90’s, and they all had a signature style. From Jennifer with her short not so blond bobs and Roberts with her cool denim jackets and Juhi with Co-ords.

Here are the list of trends whether you liked them earlier or not are making its tweaked comeback.

• Choker- This is the highest grossing trend at this moment. There are 1000s of variety of choker, there are ribbon ones, and there are metal based and some are fusion ones too.

• Braids- Braids have made their comeback, and they have improved to another level, from pigtails to mermaid braids, from beaded braids with butterflies to braids with head crown. It’s a must try.

• As mentioned above biker jackets are making its way back. I used to obsess over Joanna Jones Grungy look and her leather jackets. Hogger styled biker jackets are a sure comeback. Be it a leather biker jacket or faux leather with metal trims. It will give you a kick back of the 90s. Pair it with your ripped denim.

• One distinct thing about the 90s was the color scheme. Bright candy colors were so much in trend. Pink hair dye was one of the major trend, and it has made its comeback with rosegold pallet of hair color, in ombre or global. A cute streak of pink will juice up the game.

• Baggy sweats were worn by many many Sitcom stars to give that the girl next door feel. Baggy sweats with some cool printing on it. We now name it Athleisure. Both way they are comfy, snuggly and gives a laid back chill look.

• Denim ripped jacket with mesh or fishnet. Sounds odd doesn’t it? Well once you see the Urban Outfitters vintage collection you would just want to grab onto it.

• Overalls. Well, being a fashion enthusiast my mother always made me wear clothes that were out of box for girls of my age. I used to wear Denim & Corduroy overalls to all the places. And it’s so much better now. With wide variety to choose from. Overalls are a closet must have.

• And last but my utmost favorite is Big chunky, nerdy clear glasses that covered your whole face. They are coolest thing ever. My personal favorite for any given nerdy casual day out. Do not forget to do a dramatic eye makeup to keep it highlighted.


 Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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