All The Bling In The World

While going thru many of my researches for the current trends going on and the current affairs in the fashion world. I often stumble upon old trends and fashion shows and collections. Many times I wonder how we defined fashion and many times I realise how great minds work year in year out to pullout best collections every season. Every year designers roll on with new inspiration to showcase. So coming back to the point, here are few runway articles of 2012-13s Dolce Gabbana. Women are always attracted to gold and diamonds and shiny objects we all are aware of that.

The most gorgeous piece probably of the entire collection is this one. High waist shorts with a whole lot of bling. Backed up with satin, it is paired with complete opposite plain white t-shirt. It is a gorgeous piece give the sense of royalty, the amazing Byzantine time heritage and a whole lot of richness. It is a very comfortable yet very rich piece ranks first of the whole collection.


While the above one was covering the whole skin, this one is not a garment but more of ornament. A wrap around waist skirt. No wonder there must be a great effort in crafting this piece. It was the part of the collection, and it was paired with a soothing peach coloured body suit. A gorgeous armour I must say.


While the blinking garments showcased above are great, they are impartial for someone to wear in the world outside of a fashion show. However, this one here is a sequenced blouse with rose print paired with a plain digital print skirt. Ideal for galas and elite parties of the night. For people who have occasions to attend as such, this is a must try piece even when it is a part of an old collection it’s rooting back to the much much older time, making it a classic piece.


I always have been swamped away when anything black comes up in front of my eyes. This gorgeous piece from the ramp took my heart beat within a fraction of a second. Many time you are in a mood where fairy tales, kingdoms and princess stories can take you there. Again a Romanian Byzantine culture has captured in this one. Detailed jacket with delicate golden petal & pearl embellishment. The white lace is shoeing the delicacy of the royal attire it is.


A part of Red Valentino collection it is a very subtle piece. On a sheer fabric bird embroidery, it is a perfect for summer affairs. The midi length of dress is a very elite to show the bare minimum.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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