Army Jackets Trend

Pick out movies like Captain America, The Notebook, Dear John any war time love story. It revolves around the most beautiful girl & the most eligible young man who happens to be a brave soldier. A sense of love, the pain of separation & patriotism. The separation of years and then an unexpected reunion. A perfect love story. Nothing is flawless. A very own love story we see around many old age people possess. What else are you take away from this fashion wise? You got it right. The utility army jackets. Whenever I see army print, a camouflage of any sorts, my mind starts playing millions of as such scenario in my head.

The first one has to be the best of all. A plain army olive shirt with embroidery of the sequence. Paired with black denim and white superstar and aviator, you would not need a hero to rescue you. A great combination of feminism and army trend. It is a DIY shirt if you are unable to find one in the store.
It can be paired with a plain white cami dress too.


From the above summer look, let’s shift to the current whether. A long coat with army jacket construction and colours and to make it more obvious, an embroidery of little badges on the left side of the front. Huge buttons for the front closure it is a utility jacket with a sparkled charm.


Bella Hadid, Victoria’s Secret model and a leading fashionista recently had a shoot with an authentic olive army jacket. Paired with a floral overall print dress, it is a perfect look for fun & funky Friday. The orange boots are giving a whole look yet another colour to make its way.


While the fashion jackets in army colour or print look fabulous, Gucci always makes sure that it is using the maximum essence of new design and yet the resemblance is kept intact. In this piece the whole concept of an army jacket is vanished, as its length and the flowy cut is not at all a trait of an army jacket yet the colour and huge badges are there to remind you the key ingredient.


Simplest most easy to pull of look. A mini skirt, a grey t-shirt and one plain army jacket, you can borrow one from you significant other too. As it is just a good investment for both of you to look great. Army jacket will immediately bring the attention and pair it with right kind of accessories like way farers, or black aviator will make you look cool instantly.


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