Be At Ease in This Summer

Summers are here again!

If you observe minutely the dressing patterns being followed in India, you will find it that most of the outfits designed and worn in a particular state of India are completely compatible to the climatic conditions prevailing in that particular region. Moreover, every dress, you will find, is highly comfortable and has a style of its own regional flavours of colours, cloth material, and above all intuitive pattern and design.

Take for an example Rajasthan. You will find dresses with eye-catching colours combination, beautiful patterns, and designed perfectly well fit to the scorching hit and sand storm of this desert region. Whereas it may not be so in the case of the dresses being worn in South or North East, or eastern regions of India. I would love to place here the words of Lindsey Wixson. Lindsey Wixson, an American fashion model who is well-known for her unique looks says,

“I dress myself, not to impress, but for comfort and for style.”

So the fact so far as the summer season and the selection of a dress is concerned, Indian tradition has everything in its basket that is perfectly fit to your body irrespective of the size of your body. What you need to do is just to blend the Indian and western pattern and style in which you feel the most comfortable.

Summer in India falls in the months between April to September. As the temperature climbs, few people remove the layers of clothing, yet others feel terribly self-conscious about their bodies with extra strokes of heat in the environment. Let us munch on some of the interesting apparels that you can opt for in Indian summer.

Stay Cool and Classic at the workplace:

Feeling embarrassed in shorts is not uncommon, and not everyone can apply this prescript in every situation, for example, the company has dressing code to follow. So a light coloured formal cotton wear can be a perfect choice in the summers of India. It will definitely let feel calm and classic.

Be unique at social functions:

In some locations, it elongates as high as 48 degrees Celsius for a period of time like three to four weeks incessant and simultaneously, You Are Cordially Invited to Attend a Social Function which may be inevitable for you to attend. Yes, you can opt for a Designers’ Cotton Kurta or a Saree with some light work and colour. It would not only add to your personality but it would definitely make you feel more comfortable.

Feel Different and Look Different:

Feeling different and looking different are the two aspects very difficult to match in fact. But you can blend it tactfully with some easy tricks.

Firstly, You know what! You have to decide which dress makes you confident, happy, and helps you present yourself better. It was Steve Jobs who brought in the trend of wearing a T-shirt at the workplace in the US and proved that you can be different even if you are wearing an informal wear like T-shirt. If your organization has got a rule to attend the office in formal wear. Don’t worry. Just go in a half sleeved shirt if you feel more confident and happy in T-shirts.

Secondly, How you will be able to make a right choice. The answer to this question is very simple. In your day to day life, you may not be aware but try to ponder over the dresses that you have tried in the past 30 days and what feel or how your interactions were when you had worn a particular dress. It will help you understand what you actually want and what you offer to yourself.

Fashion and style have a lot more to do with comfortability first than merely the design, patterns, and many such factors. It is not only the selection of apparels but also how you can act, speak, and interact comfortably does make a difference. So, go for something that fits your soul rather than any impulse led choice adorning your external looks only.

 “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”

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