Beat The Heat At Beach

Hello Divas, the reason of writing off on this topic is my recent trip to Goa, and the things I would want to share are the hard-learned lessons of unpreparedness.
So it’s time to chill we think, Goa, or any other coastal zones, beach, beer, fun, pictures and pouts are all you need for a fabulous weekend but along comes the preparedness of what may come such as, Sunburn, skin rashes, tanning, tangled hair, dehydration & lethargic feeling after the end of the day.

Here are few tips to survive a beach day like a pro.

• Wear Sunblock- I cannot stretch this point any further in almost all of my articles I have mentioned wearing sunblock as much as required, wear it at 2 hrs interval while out in the sun, not only for the protection from tanning but the harmful UV rays can invite many skin related issues, also it will give you a very little layer of protection from sea water, however you love to jump in ocean and bounce with the waves it can harm your skin as the salt might give you bad case of rashes.


• Carry Sunglasses – Always carry a pair of Sunglasses, our eyes are the most delicate body part. Sunglasses will keep the eyes cool, and since I will make the surrounding cooler through the lenses, the eyes won’t stress as much. There are chances of getting few fine lines due to sun exposure to eyes on frequent basis.


• Drink Fluid – Keep yourself hydrated, drinking water or any energy drink will help you beat the heat of the afternoon and, the humidity will make you unwilling to drink fluid, but it would cause a severe dehydration upon not drinking fluids when you will finally come back to your habitat. Also, it helps to remove toxics, so it will give you a cleaner pallet.


• Avoid Skin Breakout- While going to humid tropical places, there are chances of having breakout, Please do not touch the affected area with your fingers or nail as it will increase the chances of infection, rather dab some tea tree oil on it and let the skin be little dry. Keep using wet wipes after coming in contact with seawater or sand. Do not stop the fun of swimming rather take care afterward.


• Hair care – I have naturally wave-y hair type, and I keep bangs which make my hair all curled up even my fringes. It is so little you can do about that part as its natural humid atmosphere at work, however, try to work your hair naturally, rather than straighten them, I opted for braids, and it made my hair manageable and festive too.
Other than this, always carry extra clothes and avoid having bad sunburn, eat authentic food available there to avoid having bloats of processed food. Get enough rest too.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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