Best Women’s High Waist Jeans

Typically denims are considered casual and comfy, back in time denim wearing kid was the hip kid. Denims are actually really tough to tear down because of their weaving construction and hence gives a real rough & tough look. Up until few years, denim was worn mostly for comfort & durability. But somewhere around 2006-07, the whole skinny jeans concept kicked in, and it really put denim in another light. Skinny jeans, buttock-hugging denims, low waist denim, pencil denim, distressed denim, boyfriend denim and what not. All these denim are still in fashion in one form or another be it as it adaption of boyfriend jeans of early 90’s era or the adaption of bell bottom from 70’s era.

Now a while ago out of nowhere, our life was blessed with high-speed internet, blogs, vines, make up tutorials, online shopping and pardon me put this in the same category but Kardashian sisters. See they have inspired and influenced the majority of the world, Kim’s contour and Kylie’s curves are the most gabbed topics all over the world.

The skinny models were somewhat out and thus took place slightly curvy and embrace your body models. Now the skinny waist and thick thighs are most emphasized in high waist jeans which are currently in trend. I used to watch all the Disney shows with Hillary and Lindsey showing their belly button while wearing a low waist denim, which are replaced with body suits and high waist denims.



Here are few tips to pair up the high rise denim or trouser-
1. Crop top and mom jeans – If you a fan of a crop top but often feel conscious about carrying them, this will solve all the body shaming problems. Pair up acid washed or distressed denim, a plain fitted crop top or cami (knit based) and to accessorize put on a body chain, beach waves and Voila! Throw on a cardigan or shrug if it feels like.

Denim, a plain fitted crop top and to accessorize put on a body chain

2. Mom jeans – now mom jeans are making some serious come back in 2017. They are basically high waist denim only. It were worn by countryside moms to ease the work. They were mostly button down jeans which are style statement as of now. Pair up a mom jeans with a bright red blouse and oversized clear glasses to get a retro look.

Mom jeans with a bright red blouse

3. Bib jeans – frankly Bibs are not included in high waist denim, but the adaption looks great, pairing a bib overall with sleeveless or short sleeved plain t-shirt with boots will give you a saucy country girl goals.

Bib jeans

4. Unconventional high waist – While researching, I came across some unconventional style of high waist denim, a fusion of high waist & bell bottom, high waist denim shorts, high waist denim skirts, high waist denim extremely distressed and paired up with fishnets.

Unconventional high waist

High waist denim shorts

High waist denim skirts

High waist denim extremely distressed and paired up with fishnets

The last tip, do not worry about your body shape, just try on all the denims you like, if it helps remember the scene from eat pray love, bang on eating pizza and try out all above-mentioned denim with your BFF.


 Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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