Bracelets – Enhancing Your Wrist Charm

Bracelet is a fashion accessory worn around the wrist. It is a modern substitute of bangles liked by girls and young women to embrace the beauty of their hands. Bracelet is a piece of jewellery making your wrist look incredibly beautiful and gets noticed when you greet someone. Wearing a beautiful bracelet immediately catches attention, making your hands look more graceful and makes you more confident. The hand bracelet gives an impressive look adding more stars to the personality and making you more personified.

Bracelet is an ornament hanging or tightly strapped or wore like a bangle around the wrist. Originally, the word Bracelet is derived from Latin word ‘brachile’ which means “of the arm”. Bracelets have been worn since ancient times by both women and men made up of different material such as stealing, wood or iron. But with modern times the design and material used for making bracelets have been significantly changed, and we have lots more fashionable options available in the market today. Bracelets made up of gold, silver, diamond and Swarovski are the most trendsetting these days.

Bracelets for every occasion
There are a huge variety of bracelets available in the market that we can easily choose depending upon our preference and the time. For example bracelets with charms made up of Swarovski looks extremely elegant with the western dresses. While the gold and diamond designed bracelets are good choice to wear with the traditional and ethnic dresses. They look beautiful in marriages and celebrations. You can wear bangles in one hand and a gold/diamond bracelet on another hand, it will surely enhance the beauty of your ethnic dress. Diamond bracelets are also known by the term ‘tennis bracelet’, and they give a very elegant look.


Leather bracelets are truly unique and go well with denim and trousers. They give a casual and sporty look. They are very trendy and best for daily wears. Little girls and teenagers also like to wear bracelets with charms such as hello kitty, little hearts, fairies, frozen, etc. matching to their dresses.


Bracelets with gemstone are also becoming popular these days. Few women like to wear the bracelets with their gems known from their horoscope because of the religious beliefs associated with them for good health and luck.


So, girls are wise and choose your bracelet matching with your dress, occasion and your make-up. It will accentuate the beauty of your hand, making you look more beautiful and boosting your self-confidence.


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