Brands Vs Non-Brands in Fashion: Which is better?

The fashion world is booming with lots of variety now a days. Lots of new platforms are emerging. India has made its contribution widely in last decade. The global chains have expanded their hands with pacific nations. The biggest change happened when online fashion portals were introduced. Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon’s entry in India. Even today tier 2 – tier 3 cities do not have access to many brands and stores. These small towners have two choices either rely on the local market and whatever is available in nearby town or online shopping. So guiding on what to choose brands or non-brands?

There are many points to keep in mind while choosing what to opt for. For example, if you are looking for something long lasting, like denim, the correct treatment of fabric, dye application on the fabric & proper cuts for a better fit as per your body are few points which are to keep in mind. Now for this kind of requirement, relying on brands will only do you good. Agreed the price would be triple from the local market goods but it will be beneficial in the long run.

Now to give you another example let’s say you want to buy a kurta for some festival, Now going online and buying it will get you some good deals, but often it is simpler than the traditional garments you get in local market, as the local market’s Karigar have a keen eye for detailing in a traditional attire.

Here are some more points on what to buy and how to buy.

There are some brands which have made a name that is going to be eternal popular. Adidas, Nike, and Decathlon these brands are so popular because they provide a wide range of athletics and sportswear. Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer, GAP are American brands making its way to all over the world as a high-end fast fashion brands.

Whereas Kolhapuri Chappal, Kacchi embroidery, Lucknowi chikkankari, Punjab’s Phulkari, Chennai’s silk, Jaipur’s block print. Now I have mentioned each art along with its origin. Why? Cause it is famous for the place, people and their heritage. If I make Phulkari in Gujarat, it will not have the same enigma.

The local market will always have its own charm, and with Make in India our new slogan for progress, buying India made products will give you a feel of contribution towards nation’s growth. However, buying knockoffs is a big No-No even when it’s made in India as it violates the law of fashion. These products are made with cheap material and can harm your skin often.

Maternity wear, active wear, denim, shoes, ethnic wear, outer wear, all these segments are frowned upon for non-branded purchase. Now there are many brands which are emerging on India’s platform. Many new designers starting off with fresh concept. Dhruv Singh, Pot plan, Bias India, Post fold, The label Life, Philocaly are to name a few.




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