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With the rainy season rolling down on its feet as fast as it can,, it is time to pack your tanks and tubes in a trunk for a while, who doesn’t love a warm fuzzy sweater, a good book, a cup of coffee while lying on your couch near to window to see rain drops trickling down on the window and the greenery. However, due to sudden temperature drop, there are chances that you might catch cold in this environment, wearing layers has never been fun to me either. But to protect myself I often opt for layers. One doesn’t have to burn the bridges with fashion to keep one’s self-warm though. The answer is classic button down cardigan. It is easily available, cheap and extremely cute to pair up right with your daily outfit. It brings a bubbly look to some outfits, and a sought out mature look to another. The key is right pairing. Here are few ideas for such pair up and mix & match. I advise many people too who drive on two wheelers to wear an open front cardigan to save self from the wind, dust and sun altogether. While visiting beach this summer, I opted for a long front open cardigan, which gave me a trendy look and saved me from a severe skin tan too.

There have always been a fear of looking boring with formals in every fashionista’s mind from time to time. Plus wearing a 3 piece suit is not always feasible as it looks extra for routine. For those times I opt for a matching cardigan with my trouser. And the best part is, its material is going to be different form your trouser, so it will not make it look like a traditional suit too. Pair it with strappy heels or simple ballerina.


Apart from a formal looking cardigan, here is a simple button down plain solid colour cardigan which is a classic for all season. Wear it with any of your wardrobe item and remove it whenever you feel like. It is a wardrobe essential.


I cannot stretch how much I am obsessed with a European essence in fashion. With their certain accent and a rich heritage, their fabric and their customs, it is certified that they are the best effortlessly. A plain V-neck front open jersey is a winner in any cardigan competition.


While cardigans are used as a secondary clothing article, here Weatherspoon has paired it with a slightly distressed denim alone. You can wear a bralette or a crop cami underneath for the sake of comfort. Otherwise, it is a look from the fresh.



While classic cardigans are forever, wearing an inverse once in a while pulls out a novelty. A back buttoned cardigan with a baggy fit is a yes for all the unique fashion lovers.

There are many way to pair up a cardigan, and they are easy to carry and comfortable in rainy season. It is in trend this year.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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