Changing Fashion Trends

So I wear this ultra-hyped distressed denim and my mom is gasping all the extra air around her and then at the fear of swallowing it all and killing all the micro-organism. She puts a hand on her mouth, then she somehow recovers and says, “beta, we are well off, no need to wear such torn clothes! Give it to me, and wear something else, I’ll get it repaired or use it as a duster! Now, this is slightly exaggerated for fun, but most of you get my point. The gist is that the trends are changing, before being rich meant, well-tailored pressed clothes, and now, trends are changing and worn out, distressed, asymmetric clothes are hip.

The fashion world has changed a lot, but if you play close attention, most of the trends are adaption with minor changes. However, the inspiration has changed which gives it a flavor.

Now, since the whole world is hurried to achieve all the pleasure at a speed of light, all the things that say fast are in. Fast food, fast internet, fast transport, fast relationships and even fast fashion.

How many time has it happened that you’d visit a store, all the stuff is great, you can not decide on it and think I’ll revisit and buy it later but poof! By then all the products are replaced with some entirely new collection and new inspiration.

Zara is the best example of fast fashion they proved that the same collection never repeats. Within 15 days everything each piece is replaced with newer pieces.

To give you some more example, Forever 21, Zara, H & M works on the same module. Quick replacement. Now the main point, how to keep up with this? How to glide through this ever changing fashion trends being a fashionista you are.

1. Invest in basics: black skirt, red lipstick, white chiffon, curvy denim, A plain black kurta, Leather Jacket, Cami Dress, Little Black dress, they never go out of style. Everlasting. Pull it off any day. Pair them, go with the instincts, bored to put on too much. Go basic.

Black skirt

Red lipstick

White chiffon

Curvy denim

Plain black kurta

Leather Jacket

Cami Dress

Little Black dress

2. Follow the resurfacing trends, if some trends are making its comeback, they sure will last longer, the reason being mass customer’s attachment towards the trend. Memories make the consumer weak, I would ask the store person to take my money but give me that vintage T-shirt with my Favorite band or university’s logo. Why? Cause attachment. These trends are usually put there as a part of recollection & attachment.

3. Follow the lookbook or collection guides there on the website or store front. These contains all the information of upcoming season’s inspiration and often available with the option of pre-booking or modification. If some mega events are on your way, it would be a smart thing to do.

4. If we talk about this summer’s trend, as guided in earlier articles pastels and bright colors will go hand in hand, Athleisures are a big Yes. Comfort is the current trend.


Shop on with you favorite stores this season, You rule the trend and not the otherwise.

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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