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Living in the 21st century, we have access to the internet, social media, infinite numbers of TV channels, global platforms & what not. It all accumulated to the overly connected world. We know everything we want to know. Everything is as close as fiddling of fingers. In such area, people are getting recognition of celebrities and keeping a tab on them has never been easier. Model Kendall Jenner. We all know her. One of the most popular person on the social media. Kendall Jenner style has been very versatile however it is for the designers to decide, but her off the ramp she has one distinct style which is stylish yet girl next door and so easy to achieve. Her LAX airport look is comfortable & stylish, striped sweat pants paired with a cropped camisole & matching bomber jacket. However, the highlight of the whole look is grey snake skin print boots.


Crop tops are surely the most trending thing in 2017 however, the trick is to pair up without making it look even a slight bit vulgar. A high waist denim with fuchsia pink paired with piped fringes crop top is an ideal outfit for clubbing.


A dark salmon colored co-ord maxi dress paired with a knitted material & white sneakers is the best dress day to night chill out.


The white jumpsuit with waist drawstring design paired with shoulder rug is again one of her airport look. Again the highlight is not the outfit but the bright pointed boots.


Soft pleated high waist pants are very elegant yet rarely are they chosen by designers or the consumer out of the fear of them being out of style and limited to be worn. However, Kendall has put a good use of the same paired with a brown t-shirt and animal printed faux fur.


While colors are the main when you want to express without words, Kendall has opted for co-ord white carrot pants & a hoodie jacket all white.


Knitted tops and mesh tops individually have resurfaced in fashion world time to time. However Kendall has put up all together in one outfit with leather pants, mesh & knit rib t-shirt with a fur jacket & strappy mesh paneled heels. It is a perfect dress up for any casual party you might have.


While she dazzles the ramp like no one else can, she is a happy go lucky girl being a spectator too. A black oversize t-shirt with rolled up denim and transparent heels & underneath wide diamond fishnet stalking with a messy bun is a certified cool girl look.


The beach look, bikini and everything is fun for a while, the constant fear of showing to much or slippage doesn’t let you enjoy the other things. For the solution of that you can come up with something just like this. Wear a denim over your bikini or cami or body suit. Create the super comfy beach look for yourself.


Most of the times celebrities wear or do too much when they appear on talk shows or host an event or attend one, however, I really admire Kendall for keeping it subtle for Jimmy Kimmels show, wearing a Gucci Camisole in golden yellow paired with a black mini skirt and leather boots.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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