Check Out The Gucci & Michael Kors’s Summer Collection OF Footwear

So while sitting comfortably in my chair at the office stretching and hoping that the clock runs faster, I’m panning out this article. & while stretching, I’m completely admiring my newly purchased shoes & the love & comfort it is giving me. You see up until now it was all summery & hot & humid. However, slowly & steadily weather is changing. It is becoming cloudy for a while & sunny for other time. Now this time is the best to be as comfortable as you can get. Espadrilles. It has always been around in the form of loafers or moccasins. However, it is an adaption of Espadrilles. Easy to blend with most of the denim, it is mostly on the casual side of the entire attire. However, it is always up to you how well you can style up things. And if failed we are here to help for sure.

Espadrilles are basically linen backed and have an iconic rope structure. You can find variety based on styles and materials. From big fashion houses like Chanel, Gucci & Michael Kors are giving in for each summer collection. They are a major hit with everyone for summer for the comfort & luxurious look.
Chanel has been proving that the French people are effortlessly gorgeous and their fashion has always been on the point of grace & comfort. This collection of Chanel’s Espadrilles is both comfortable and chic.


Leather Espadrilles from Chanel, in a, rose tint pink leather with black toe and standard rope weave. These paired with white wide-legged pants and a white shirt will create an eternal spring look. Chanel brand symbolises grace in its products while going for long road trips these will make you look elegant & comfortable.


While we all are always obsessed with the grown-up stars & celebrities, often the little ones give us some major styling goals such as North Star wearing classic white & black toe Chanel Espadrilles with all the cuteness in the world.


All the time when I visit a beach, or I’m out of town, almost always It happens that I get over ambitious and plan 12 hours of activities into 6 hours which leaves me with no time to change from day to night while running from one place to another, in such times, Espadrilles are at your rescue. Some mesh panelled metallic or shiny shoe can work the wonder for both the event and will save you from carrying 10 pairs of shoes along with you while on travel.


The Gucci Garden Collection has caught my attention for the resemblance of it with the vintage era botanic prints. A really feminine approach to the whole collection, the Espadrilles are perfected in an earthier manner than Chanel.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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