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As of now, the whole nation has come under the monsoon effect. While some states and cities are dripped in the rain water, others are still at the drizzling phase. But the end of July is here and so is the monsoon with the charged up situation. In this weather wearing warm snugglies is the best feeling ever. More than ever I want to get cooped up in a warm fuzzy blanket and have some hot coffee while reading a book. Unfortunately, drizzles don’t always allow you to take a break from your life. When you have to be out, you have to be out. While many of us pack away our shorties and hot pnats& dresses in the forbidden for 8 months trunk. There is still a chance for those to come out with reinforcements. One such reinforcement is a cardigan which few articles back I have covered. One another remedy to “cold feet” is knee length socks. Knitted knee length socks. These are available in various colour and patterns, and the can give a beautiful look to the nerdy cool chick trapped inside you. It is a must have in the wardrobe for the both rainy and wintery, windy days.

Now we have enlightened you all readers with both the baggy clothes and layering trend earlier. Now, this is confirming to all the three trends of baggy clothes, layering trend and knee length reinforcement for warmth in the gushy whether. However many people do not like to show any bare skin in the cold times for the simplest reason of avoidance to cold breeze or wet touch on the skin. Wear a skirt or plain black shorts, under it pair up a black stocking with or without applique. Over it wear a knee length socks. The rainy day will seem less gloomy with the attire as such.


The all black, dark black, light black and smidge of charcoal grey has never harmed anyone. A signature NYC style to dress up in a skater dress with knee length cashmere socks, black heels and a leather bag. More than a rainy day it is confirming for the eternal love for the dull, gloomy days classic outfits.


For all those who loves all black but doesn’t want to lose the touch of a hip, a sheath dress, long sleeves, paired with black knitted knee length socks. Pair it with a silver or gold long chain necklace.


Taylor swift has always been the girl with the excellent choices on her skirts and shorts. However, she is been maintaining her school girl kind of image for a long time now. While she has got a great pair of legs, she manages to pull of skirts and shorts with sheer grace with the help of boots and knee long socks. In many events, she has maintained this look for the day these can be replaced with translucent nylon socks for the lacey fun too.


For the wimpy days where you are not sure about the whether and the sun is playing hide and seek with you. Merge the sunny day and rainy instead.


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