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I often hear men complaining how we have so many options of clothing and how we have it easy as the skirts are easy to wear and we can pull of even PJs and then too it is okay. And being this person I opposed saying that skinny jeans are sometimes uncomfortable to the point that is gives angry red lines on my lowers and how with skirts comes up with lot of care and handling. But nevertheless he ruled it out with a snap and said how comfortable, fashionable and lovely leggings are. I tried to protest, but well leggings are pretty amazing.

The mesh-paneled leggings are the best way to bridge the gap between conservative and sexy. You see this is the example of how you can wear a cloth with an ankle length and still make it look really appealing.


With most of the leggings are in the dark color to emphasize the foam flattering look, try including a cleansed white, silver leggings with mesh panels. It will put you in a much lighter mode from the vibe of the OOTD.


While there are many legging which is kept midrise or high-rise for the better fit of knitted structured fabric in the leggings, some leggings with such decorative waistline can be a good substitute for the denim if your crop top looks, it gives an athletic yet chick vibe to the garment.


While mesh-paneled leggings are in craze, the same amount of charm is gathered by bleach dye leggings, they are easy DIY dyes, and you can get it printed or print it on your own with very basic tools lying around at home. It is applicable to all the garments however to get a hippy vibe, leggings are most preferable.


Few brands in the world has made sure to be the best one around in what they do. Adidas is the style status that immediately speaks about the taste you have in fashion. It caters a very fashionable and sporty look. Pair it with a plain t-shirt to create the attention towards the leggings. And plain black classic leggings are the trademark of Adidas.


For the ultimate feminine look, the strappy leggings are best. Mostly used by dancers and ballet dancers to be specific these are a must have in all the wanna be dancers ladies.


While I have always had my doubts with the faux leather on my bare skin, the fashion world has tied up with technology and has been successfully delivering materials with super soft and skin friendly material to back up leather or faux leather. Extra care needs to be taken care while wearing such leggings as there can be problem in downing and doffing of the garment.


I always try to deliver a tip for my friends who are into fashion which is quite different and yet affordable, while I was in my college phase, I used to put on tremendous amount of weird clothing (weird according to the world) again a classic brand in athlesiures Adidas with cuts at the knees is a style statement in leggings.



Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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