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The world of fashion has seen lots of various eras. All over prints, monochromes, mix & match, various silhouette, dress like your art, and what not, and recently the world has shrunk so much due to unbiased technology that the world is swapping trends in a fraction of seconds (high-speed internet eh!) So since last one decade the fashion has taken many twists & turns. While colour missing has always been seen as an expression of your fashion sense, monochromes are seen as your ability to put up with the minimalism. Today I have few looks of monochrome to share with you. Hope you get the inspiration.

1. Kourtney Kardashian is seen sporting a grey washed denim and co-Ord basic long sleeve slubbed T-shirt in on f her look. A very simple look here fetches attraction towards her overall appearance. Paired with black peep toe heels & a black Chanel quilted backpack, it is a very classy airport look any given day.


2. Contrary to a simple casual laid back look Kourtney is carrying in 1st image, Gigi Is rocking a pale peach colour monochrome for the day, and the red aviators are making the whole look seem even classier. A peach shaded co-ord with fabric belt detailed paired with a gorgeous dark peach shade.


3. The below image shows a classic pair of gorgeous tangerine. Monochrome dresses work best when you wear the same colour with up-down shades and use a different texture, while the top is having a nice monochrome orange print and glazed fabric, the trouser is kept plain & Knitted fabric will provide comfort. The wide leg pants & matching heels are making it a perfect for a night out events.


4. White & eggshell white has always been a soothing classic colour which is often hidden in the presence of bright colours. However while paired up in monochrome it brings out a soothing classic duo. The attraction would be on the pattern & styling much more than the colours.


5. This season’s colour pallet has included the above colour for spring summer. It is a very vibrant, eye-popping colour which can suit almost any skin tone depending upon the intensity of this shade. It is a nice shade for a party wear as the shimmer will look classy with this shade rather than tacky.


6. There are few colours which are attractive to see individually only. Such as this pink colour here. It surely can be paired with other colours such as shades of dark pink or black or navy. However, that would create a distraction from the base shade. You can always pair it with one or other shade if ever, however, I think such bright colours makes an extra good look with monochrome.



Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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