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There are many ways to express what you feel, what you are, what you represent, what makes you stand out of the crowd. Some uses tattoo, some uses colors to express it. Accessories are another form of expressing what you are. There are millions and billions money invested in showcasing the collection of jewelry pieces. Brilliant taglines and gorgeous model are incorporated in the commercials. Stating one message, jewelry is symbolising your entire personality, while making the entire outfit a great justification. There are many styles of necklaces’, here’s a glimpse of it.

A thin line between basic & minimal is about the concept. Basic is when you get the simplest design with basic material & minimal is when you get simple designs with material at the crux. This one is just an example of minimal necklace design. It goes great with the minimal dresses or blouses. To enlighten you OOTD, you can pair it with almost all your knits.


Another example of basic design element in necklaces, a long chained necklace with a big round pendent, however, the beauty lies in the detailing. A multi-colored flowers in the middle. These can be paired with basic colored outfits.


While chains & necklaces or as a matter of fact most of the jewelry are made out of the metal material. However this one particular trend of flower as jewelry. The real flower jewelry, however, is not feasible to wear on regular days, unless you are visiting some tropical places or staying at a beach side in pre historic era. Although a delicate crafted necklace such as the above one is the solution. If you are looking forward to change some style or want to wear some statement necklace, this is a perfect one for casual day outs, pair it with cami or a tube dress, strapless dresses.


Chokers were the statement accessory in 90’s era. All the young women wore it with their blue denim and jeans jacket. It made a comeback in the year of 2016 and is still in trend in 2017. A delicate black lace choker like above is a must have in you jewel box. A spiced up gothic look can be achieved with a choker. Wear it with an all-black outfit. Or any dark shades in knitted fit blouse.


While lace chokers are comfortable and easy to wear, they often bring a rather sexy look. And it is more suited for a night event, also being made of lace, it brings out a casual look. A metal choker with delicate details like above can be a great charm for the outfit. Paired with a plain crop top can be a great OOTD.


Another trend that picked up in last one and a half year. Pairing a choker with 2-3 another chains of different lengths. They can be great to carry with deep neck garments.


And we all are aware about the couple chains, they can be with you best friend, your boyfriend or anyone that you want to match up with.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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