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While growing up, we all were taught about the colours and how they are assigned. For example, I was told boys don’t wear pink & girls avoid blues & brown. I was always dressed in baby pink up until very late age, I always included one element of pink in my overall outfit. My hands used to reach out for pinks and lilacs rather than blacks & browns. And to be honest, there is nothing absurd in liking particular soft pastels, colours doesn’t define your mind set on other things. However, it is really easy to judge a black all over wearing a person to be a serious gothic person. Today we are going to talk about unicorn colour palette trend.

If you are a fan of frappes of Starbucks, you would be familiar with Unicorn frappe, it actually been around longer than we realise, the food industry has been wooing us with mouth-watering unicorn themed baked goods. Unicorn colour scheme & Rainbow colour schemes are very close to each other. Both of these trends are high in fashion due to the colour scheme & glittering appearance. Here is few example of this overly cute fashion trend.

1. The unicorn hair trend took over any ombre or brown and grey shades as fast as a unicorn would fly. There have been many creative ideas of such. With flicks, highlights, ombre, global & temporary glitters.


2. In fashion trends rather than unicorn colours, the figurine of the unicorn is more popular. It pulls out immense cuteness and a bubbly girl look. Pair it with girly accessories to create a unicorn outfit of the day. As above one has the white skirt with unicorn print and a serenity shaded blouse which is included in the unicorn palette. Her candy pink hair is also included in the unicorn palette.


3. If the unicorn clothes feel too much to show to the world but inside 0of your mind its cupcakes, rainbows, unicorns and candy floss. Try dressing sharply with a little bag or nails decal to show your love for unicorn trend. It will show that you are sharp and have a soft side as well.
I really love the maroon Marsala faux feather crop top, midrise denim paired with high Vis unicorn bag. Perfect amount of showcasing the trend support.


4. Our very own Emilie Clark, the Khaleesi was spotted wearing a unicorn t-shirt. Now Valentino the finest French couture is known to launch unicorn collection almost every year in a versatile manner. I really love how the feminism is kept intact while making it an absolutely bombshell. Another piece of Valentino collection is a backpack which is absolutely.


going with the theme of a unicorn.



There are few other images of unicorn trend as below. Hope you like it.








Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.


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