Collar Styles For Women

When we choose any attire the type of neckline, sleeves, length is the main points to look for in the designing. These are the major elements of garment design, and the right choice of neckline & the combination can make a dress hit or flop. A collar is a type of necklines of a dress. It gave a new impact to the dress, mainly emphasising on the face. A collar may vary in width and can be a single piece or joined with two pieces.

Collar dresses are quite popular in both casual and party wears these days. Although, the collar is more common in western dresses with the latest innovation in fashion designs we can see some beautiful collared traditional dresses. For instance, a collar neckline blouse or a heavy embroidered suit with a collar neck looks very graceful and rich. Of course, collared tops, shirts, tees and Kurtis in daily wear are prevalent among the girls and women.

Technically a collar is the part of a kurti, blouse, top, jacket, shirt or coat that fastens around the neck. It is an essential part of clothing construction and can be made with the same piece of fabric as the main garment or can be constructed from a different material. If the collar is made of different material, then it will add new colour and design to the attire. Few collars are detachable, which are common in overcoats and jackets.

There are many common collar types used in Indian and western attires. Here are few of them:

• Peter Pan collar – It is a flat collar can be made either as one part, with a front-button, or with two pieces with back fastening. The collar is most common among others as it is soft, with rounded corners.
• Band collar – as the name suggest it is more like a band where the lower part of the collar encircles around the neck.
• Nehru collar – it is a short unfolded stand-up collar mostly common in shirts & blouses
• Button-down collar – A collar with buttons that fasten the points or tips to a shirt.
• Turtle neck collar – It’s a type of collar that covers the whole neck area
• Wing collar – It looks best while giving bow like a design in the neckline. It is mostly seen in formal dresses

Collar necklines are flawless to add a new design element in your dress. Collar shirts short or long go well with denim, skirts and pants. They are ideal for formal dresses and quite liked by office going, girls & women. While collar styles in Indian dresses too give a graceful impact by creating an Indo-Western style.









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