Color trend – Metallic Pink

Well as it has been stated by many-many people earlier as well, I agree that women are a mystical and complex creatures. We melt at the smallest most negligible gestures, and we burn the ground with rage at some small most negligible deeds too. I speak for the entire group that there are few days we wake up with rage in the heart of being capable of conquering the world, while someday we feel like lazing around in the bed with pink Pajamas on. Well nevertheless women are associated with the color pink, the color describing softness, Feminine nature, a cuddly warm feeling gushes inside anyone who sees the color pink. Reserved for us women. Over the time we have 1000s of shades of pink and I can’t pick one. Here is an added charm to pink. Pink with metallic glitter is the current trend for the wedding gowns, but there has been few inspiration to this.

Eifel tower has been a spot for lovers for years, a Metallic Pink Crape skirt with a grey sweater is a perfect way to get clicked with the chicest look ever.


In 2010, Versace ran a fashion show with the base theme being triangle surface design, where one of the piece was in the Metallic Pink, making it a way ahead of time piece of Versace.


While the pink or metallic pink confirms to feminine approach, to tone down pair your pinks with sneakers & denim jackets.


Model & TV personality Kendall Jenner has been always in the news for her versatile off the ramp style, Metallic Pink skirt paired with a sheer baby pink blouse & metallic silver tie down shoes is surely the chicest outfit idea ever.


A contemporary artist always looks out for a dramatic captures for the gala & Metallic Pink with blue & green gives a pure unicorn emphasize here.


While we obsess over the celebrates, an individual expression of each reflects in the street style of each event, a midi dress with Metallic pink and blue silver with fur hem lining is a must see.


Although I can never get enough of Metallic, sometimes it is better to cover it up, as above, a teal green ombre dress with a metallic pink jacket.


While Versace put up a show with Metallic pink in 2010, Gucci launches a series of loafers which were pink & metallic.


Another companion of metallic pink shoes are the tasselled heels. A perfect pair for the extremely sober outfit.


Metallic pink is not only limited to shoes & clothes but has made its way through hair colors. While there are million colors to choose from, Metallic Pink is surely giving the fairy land feeling.


A delicate accessories in pink can never be denied by anyone ever.


Dolce Gabbana’s extra flowery approach to achieve excellence in metallic pink trend.


Always saving best for the last, as we all know, Gigi Hadid has a distinct choice of fashion which makes the entire world her ramp. An overall Metallic pink jacket & trouser with fringes makes the world drool over her style.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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