Colours Of Millennials

Guys, If you are reading this article, the chances are high that you are a Millennial or have a knack to be called one. The Millennials are the generation born between 2 decades from the 1980s to 2000s. Now, this generation is all about expressing themselves. All of them want their individuality. The expressive ones. The main thing is they do not appreciate any clichés. All and everything needs to be customised. Every product they use need to be as per their own comfort. The color expression for this generation is no nonsense. It needs to just right. This generation has been identified as the savory of all. They are deranging in nature. With all due respect, I check all the above points. For millennials, not one thing can be a true love ever. So coming to the point, which colors truly depict the generation Y.

Soothing pastels – in the 90s when generation X was blooming, the colors were really bright, the pinks & the yellows. The florals & Paisley prints were in. Everything was Hip, Casual and laid back, and this changed when the Millennials came to their maturity. Everything cleaned up, and the ambitions went higher in people, Dream big was replaced by Do big. Millennials love soft serene & sophisticated pastels.






Now the other side of being a Millennials is to embrace the gender equality and actually trying to express it. There has been using of features in each product to remove the stereotype. The women empowerment is still not where it needs to be, but still, it has been proven by many of the celebrities and important people that world is evolving. Be it bob cut or bald hair or men wearing pinks and women wearing greys and blues. This is one major impact not to stereotype the generation. Gucci this year stripped away the traditional men -1 women -1 show and blended an entire collection with neutrality. It’s like the fashion world is fiercely going at it. And it seems as if just clothes to some, while it actually covers the acceptance of one’s sexuality, one’s identity in the whole right world. On of the example being, Hari Nef, first transgender model to ever walk on Gucci’s runway. It’s simple the lines that have been bold and strong are blurring.








The other aspect that is absolutely important for millennials is social media. Social media has risen with them and evolved with them. What you see is now a generation which has all the answers on the tip of their fingers. Even this blogsite, so the influence of people around the world has been exchanging trends. The knacks and hacks of millennial are also millennial. All the social media and tech guru who has made you connect with your oldest friends from childhood to celebrities who are as far as stars in the sky. The best part is it has made the infusion of cultures very seamless.





Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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