I see a lot of confusion around me. Majority of us always have questions whenever we see anyone looking completely out of the world or may be different than regular. How can someone spend too much? Are these outfits
available in Indian markets also? Do I have something good to wear to the party? And many more, finally we console ourselves by saying I am not into brands too much… right? But it’s not about brands and prices anymore. Let’s
go beyond those questions to get answers.
Fashion for some people can be a mania and for some, the word makes no sense. All because they think that the word “FASHION” is only about decreasing their pocket weight, and targeting “BRANDS”. To opt for something
fashionable, you don’t have to be a spendthrift, you don’t have to run after brands, you just simply have to go for things that can define you perfectly. You can simply transform your wardrobe into your budget. It is pretty easy to
enhance the way you dress up.
Try to be in self-exploring mode, the more you’ll explore yourself the more you’ll be able to dig out the available sources with ease; what you need to have is an eagle eye. Always explore new attires there is a possibility that you
might rock!! India is now not less than a style hub. It offers the best of both worlds –a blend of modern as well as traditional culture. There are various online markets like KOOVS, LIMEROAD, FLIPCART etc. that offers a variety of Indian, western plus Indo western attires in our budget. In offline market is the choice of every Indian heart- Delhi, Janpath, Lajpat Nagar, Gandhi market which will fulfill all your dreams to be trendy enough within your budget. There are a variety of options to choose from.
Before selecting what you want to wear, always keep in mind the occasion for which you are dressing up, the season, the crowd you will be in, and the level of comfort, there you are…not a rocket science. Just make sure that the attire
must not be too gaudy whatever the occasion is. Try to look as simple as you can… simplicity defines elegance.
Colors also play an immense role. As you may look fat in one and slim in the other, in addition to the above, it must in favor of the purpose. Avoid playing the matching color game, will be better to go for contrast colors. Your wardrobe must have a variety of dresses, rather than buying denim every time, look for something odd but at the same time make sure that it should not look odd on you. It’s always good to feel exotic…
Make sure that you should feel comfortable, because only then you will be able to carry yourself with perfect confidence, as the Oops!! Moments are always there to target us. Never dress up with a mindset to be in limelight,
rather choose to reflect who you are.


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