Cute summer trend 2017

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Summer time, whenever someone asks me about my happy place, it’s never a super fancy clubs of Delhi or Bombay or some posh holiday homes. It’s always a serene lunch date like one if those where I take my husband to show him what summer feels like outside of his office. That is my happy place, cherry blossoms and ice-cream and kids running with joy in a park. The smell of newly bloomed flowers and a good book. Even though siting in a cubicle my mind has escaped in the summer paradise.

Surely the trends will change as we welcome the summer season, and let’s be honest the winter and the layer we had to put on needs to be sent away from our closet. Now if we talk about the trends this summer the key is color palate. This year’s color includes lots of earthy, comfortable yet bright colors. But people like me who has a soft corner for pale hues need not worry too. Peppermints and pale salmons are going to be there at your rescue.

The first and foremost look I have personally enjoyed is the comeback of wide legged pants and the variations of it so far. These ankle length pants with minimal color play with a plain crop cami, a sunhat, and a cute backpack shall put you in the mood where you can’t resist to go out for a stroll. It is comfortable, it is classy, and it is elegant. But your inner messy bun girl will be happy too as it’s the least effort and maximum elegance.

Wide legged pants


Wide legged pants with a plain crop cami, a sunhat and a cute backpack

So I was scrolling through my phone jumping from one social media to another, avoiding any human interaction whatsoever, I landed up on an interesting new trend, a refreshing and a must try look I must say i.e. Asymmetric silhouette.

Flat dresses and soft pleated pants, jacquard print shirts and minimal crochet at cuff or intricate looking prints on the plain garment. Sounds a lot to take in, actually not. Not only one but many India based young artists and designer are opting for the fusion of contemporary and workwear. These garments give you the feel of coolness and calmness along with intrigue uniqueness, and these are an affordable style for summers. These are designed especially for the Indian environment.


Soft pleated pants

Jacquard print T-shirts

Minimal crochet at cuff or intricate looking prints on the plain garment

Let’s say you have an event to attend an art gallery featuring your favorite artist or a classy gathering at your friend’s place in a broody summer evening, a long flat silhouette dress made from linen or organic cotton with a simple neck piece and a leather gladiators will put you in a whole new aura.

Long flat silhouette dress with leather gladiators

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