In this ERA, everyone is busy in their life (career, study, relationship, work etc). As we all playing our important role in these and trying to give our maximum percent, with this we also need to take a little care about our skin. As this is the only part of our body which faces various problems like sunshine, muddy air, sweat, temperature etc. All these problems cause the damage to skin and it will make you look old before age. So guys, please pay a little attention to it, do care of your skin as it will play a big role in showing you beautiful in front of the world.

Here I am going to give you some necessary point so scroll down to know how you can care of your skin on daily basis-

Step 1: Face Wash-  Firstly use face wash in the morning it will remove all your tiredness from your face and will make you feel fresh and active.


Step 2: Cleanse-  In second step use cleanser, it will remove dirt, oil, sweat and other pollutants from your face.


Step3: Tone- Many people think that toner is an unnecessary step, but I wanna tell you something that most beauty experts give suggestion to add toner in your daily routine. Toner removes the impurities which left after cleansing step.


Step4: Scrub- If you are struggling with blackheads, acne or breakout then do not miss this step especially. Apply a little quantity of scrub on your face and massage it over your nose and on all skin of your face.


Step5: Moisturize- Moisturizer gives a protective layer to your skin which locks moisture and keeps your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


Step6: Sunscreen-Sun is a major factor that damages your skin and also causes of skin cancer. UV rays are very dangerous for skin, so apply some sunscreen on your face after moisturizer.


Step7: Sunglasses & Scarf- You can use sunglasses & scarf to protect your eyes or face from direct UV rays from the sun.


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