Delhi vs. Bombay – who wins the fashion battle?

Delhi the capital of our nation, Bombay the film city. Bombay with the immense sea & Delhi with the royal heritage. Delhi with its Khan market & Bombay with Colaba. Uggh so hard to decide which city is more filled with energy & refreshment. With all these individualities there is one thing that remains intact in both the city. Young crowd, lots & lots of aspiring students, freshers, struggling actors & models, Artist & business aspirant. All the small towners all over India when having a dream to achieve something they head their way to this cities and over the time these cities have grown a beautiful diversity in it. All kinds of people live in these metro cities. Now there has been a bittersweet argument on which city is better at lifestyle, social life, fashion, culture, education, weather, food, people, dating and what not. So of all let’s discuss it on how the fashion is in both cities and who wins at it?

So I have lived in Bombay for quite some time and being in a fashion business I know the in & outs sort of, The Lakme Fashion week sizzled up the entire nation with the amazing creativity of designers and fashion followers for a brief moment it was like a little Milan set in Mumbai. While not to forget how nation’s biggest fashion week is held at Delhi featuring all the best couture.


 Lakme Fashion week

Mumbai is a sea Side Island, and coolness is in the nature of it. You would always find people more relaxed and laid back there. The street shopping as well as high brands are both the core of Mumbai If you visit Bandra Fashion street or Colaba Causeway you would always find one or another funked up garments.

Bandra Fashion street

Colaba Causeway

In Delhi, I have been to few places where in Sarojini Nagar you get knock off, and the first copy of even Fendi & I was drooling over actual Fendi store while roaming in one of the luxury malls. Chor Bazaar near Jama Masjid will set your soul on fire if you love to experiment on your attire. And not to talk about winters of Delhi where you can show off your outerwear with all the grace. All hail to Delhi ki sardiyaan.

Sarojini Nagar

Chor Bazaar near Jama Masjid

One thing is clear Delhi is all about how to look your best, dramatic dressing and love for brands is always reflected even in simpler people and in Bombay sporting flip flops will also be fine as the fun is found in every design.

Being a Bombay girl I’ll always have the heart for casual laid back, wear what you love, but to each is own. Have a great weekend.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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