Denim Dress Trend

Denim has been around since last 2 centuries, it was used to carry material in the early 1850s & later Levis & Strauss made a pair of pan out of the denim for its durable characteristics. It was earlier used just as a protective wear for labours & miners. However gradually over the years, it became one of the style statement to part of necessary clothing. For a longer time denim was one heavy weight material because of its weaving construction & usage of cotton yarns. As the technology advanced, there are now many variants available of denim. And now usage of denim is not only limited to pants or jacket but are available in very light weight material. In 2014-2015 denim shirt/blouse trend started, however, this year denim dress trend has peeked for summer. In 90s denim dresses were a thing however even then it was pretty heavy and due to that many cuts and falls were not applicable for such material. The altered denim dresses are cool and casual and a wardrobe must. Also, the ice blue shade is one of the trending colour (Niagara being the color of the season). My top picks for denim dresses are as below.

1. A denim button down shirt dress with semi fit. Accessorised with a brown leather belt and boots, the dress is in indigo blue and is very casual, works for a day time. However the boots are not going as much with the hemline, ankle length booties or white superstar sneakers will make the dress much more appealing. For hair style, my suggestion would be a French braid. Lovely ootd for a summer day out.


2. Both the above images are featuring dresses with a contemporary silhouette which are currently in a trend, many Indian designers are experimenting with such. Also, the pleated skirt detail is bringing back the 80s touch to the dress. In the first picture the cut and sew panel in front yoke detail with a raw edge is really emphasising the denim look. In second image dress paired with matching denim jacket with knit panels and red & white trims are giving a sporty look. Both the dresses have pockets which are the best thing Denim dresses can have to make it look much more casual & cool. Also, side note first image model’s sandals are really trendy and complementing for the dresses as raw as above.


3. Again a dress with the experimental usage of material. The material used in this dress here is more suited for jeans. However, the dress is crafted neatly to avoid the bulginess. Not always it is possible to use suck heavy martial with straps. So it’s really questionable for the dress’s stability. The fray look for hem is giving a nice rough looks & white button patch at torso & the V-neck is giving a feminine look. Ideal for an evening stroll. Pair it up with strappy sandals or gladiator or for fun pair it with red heels and a hat for a retro look.


Few dresses for reference


Cold shoulder denim dress with embroidery detail

Denim wrap dress –  pair with white shirt

Off shoulder – Smoak detailed denim dress

Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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