Different Necklines 2017

All of us are blessed with one best feature. I have long legs, you might have enchanting eyes. Or smacking lips or a beautiful tall neck. And we all have our own way to show off that feature every once in a while. After all, we all love to be cherished. For all of those who are obsessed with their neck, here are some gorgeous ideas to make that neck even more graceful and noticeable. I often refuse to wear jeweller for I fear to look extra. Instead, I invest my time and money in finding a piece that will do it for me subtly.

Nothing speaks of delicacy as much as a mesh can. Mesh are constructed to show the translucent skin which is a sign of delicacy. While Peterman collar and a charm around it will make people notice your neck, it will also make you look like Peter Pan, rather an adaption of Peterman collar here is symbolising the beauty of neck.


There are many fashion trends that is all about abstract art, this is one of the few. A minimalistic approach of Zara prevailing in neck line, a mock neck and above that another neck band, it is a very basic piece of garment which will instantly draw attention to the neck. Pairing a sober long chain with this will create a perfect look for the artistic look.


Like there is a huge difference between tightly knitted stockings and fishnet stockings, as one is a symbol of feminism and grace, other is used for boldness and sexiness. The neck lines are also the same. One used with the very simple adaption of Peterman collar, a slightly woven mesh with soft shell polyester. A modest neckline. This is on a bolder side of a neckline, a spice in the simple LBD. The mesh part revelling the skin, it is an ideal wear for parties.


Slightly complicated neckline with a criss-cross construction. It is not always necessary for you to carry a mesh panelled garment to conceal the cleavage area. A pattern like this can also do a very well job. Mostly such necklines are used in a gown or wedding dresses as the effect of drama overweighs the simplification required in routine wear.


For all those who loves a deep neck but are afraid to pull off, above is the perfect way to start the day one at deep neck. Now we have a slight perception in our mind that deep necks are always a tad bit on the vulgar side or it is uncomfortable as much of the flesh is visible or the modesty of a lady is at compromise, however such neckline like above should be carried out with a grace as they are not at all hampering the above-mentioned perception.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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