Dior Cruise 2018

When we talk about a fashion show, what comes into your mind? A hotel or resort at max, the event at night, everything clean and tidy not even a speckle of dirt on sight. However, our lady Maria Grazia Chiuri who took over the Dior last spring had something else in her mind. She has become very famous in every little at her new position at Dior, the reason being her spectacular creativity & a touch of freshness in everything she does. Well, years in & out we all have had seen, attended, participated in boring four walls fashion and at the max a poolside summer day fashion show. That is the traditional fashion show, the focus needs to be on the collection first. However this year the Dior 2018 Cruise took another route to stereotype fashion shows. Mostly when anyone reviews a fashion show, it is centered to the ramp where the main action happens but this time I’m first going to talk about the location. It was on the outskirts of L.A. a beautiful set up as you can see in the picture with gigantic hot air balloon. And the sitting arrangement was rather crafty, instead of a roof & chair, it was a tent and low sitting cushions. Instead of air conditioners it was a bonfire. The whole theme was set to unveil the western theme inspired collection and I must day the detailing did not disappoint.

The whole collection had a hint of the south western culture and seeing the collection would send you back to the time of the Pocahontas. The whole set up may be helped a little more to create the whole scenario.




The colour pallet that had been used was rather captivating and much vibrant than what Dior usually deals with. It was a breath of fresh air inhaled. The minute details like tassels and use of leather were rather impressive.

All the model’s attires had one thing in common, a nice mid-western fedora. Beatified with beads and bling. The collection mostly revolved around Western culture and some of it were even depicted in the garment such as a motif of an eagle at the helm of the skirt.


While the whole collection mostly revolved around earthy colours, this piece stood out in the collection, a sheer maxi dress with a classic Dior boys shorts & a high waist leather belt. However, the detailing on the fabric made it connected to the collection.

While the collection & location was out of the world, some famous heads could not resist but to show up at the show. Like the bad girl RIRI in her blue denim with a Fur coat and actually carrying the Dior bag and a fedora from the collection. She looks even ravishing while in the raw nature.

On the contrary to the collection and set up, Charlize Theron showed up in an all-black outfit with black fringed blouse.


Demi Moore a forgotten diva of 90s also showed up in almost all black attire.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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