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Denim, a pair of denim. How long does it stays with you? I’m talking about a good pair of denim that hugs your hip and makes you feel fabulous? I say at least five years. I have had denim in my closet since I was in high school which was roughly 8-9 years ago. Sure they do not fit me now. Sure they are out of style now. But there are few stretches which are still my favorite and they are as good as ever. I do not wear them anymore but I do not throw them either. They are there to serve the purpose of greater things. At least that’s how I argue. However, there comes a time when you get bored with the same denim, no matter how good the fit is, you want to get rid of them. Instead, try this and bring a new life to your pair of favorite denim.

We all have straight cut denim pants from the older times around 5-7 years ago. These denim were a short-lived concept between skinny jeans and the boot cut jeans. These denim were a great comfort to wear but the hem would often give away the fun as compared to the skinny ones. So what you can do is something like this picture above. Cut a zig zag pattern, removing the hem & then take a seam reaper and fray the wefts and it will give a nice hip look.


The other way to spice up a basic denim is by styling it your way. The pearl on denim is a current trend which is really cheap and really easy to do. All you need is some plastic pearls, a thick white thread and a needle. Start putting the pearls in order of the design you like, and voila denim with pretty pearls is ready to wear.


For all those lovers of Boho culture and everything festive, this is a great trick to make your denim cool. Put on Embroidered tapes which are easily available in any embroidery store, choose any of your choices and get it stitched in the order you like. This can look great with white denim and if a denim paired with a frill top, this would be a classic example of festive.


If embroidered tapes are too loud for you, a tassels like this at the hem will give an entire new look to your denim. Such tassels are also available easily to any embroidery store and after cutting the hem, it can be stitched on the hem of denim.

Well, even the denim is one of the strongest fabric because of its weaving, after a while it also gets torn, and well wearing a holey denim is not a good idea. However, you can rip it even further and pair it with fish net stockings. Rather than mending the denim, cutting it like above or as suited to you, it will give an amazing distressed denim without having to pay even a penny.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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