Marriage is the most beautiful stage for every girl. When we talk about a spinster, that life is absolutely different from being married. So let’s talk about the sweetest and adorable moments for a married woman. I guess some of these moments definitely take place in all of your life and make you more joyous and thrilled.

Getting surprises on different occasions: A surprise can be any, be it a gift, going to a short trip or else, its always a very very precious moment for a woman if someone especially her husband or her children are giving her surprises. She forgets all her fatigue and feels blessed.


When your child says I Love You Mom: A child will always be a child for his/ her mom, be he or she is just 2 years old or 18 or even more than that, being a mother, she always feels great when her children don’t forget to say I Love You and show how important she is for them. Nowadays, there are nuclear families and children are just forgetting the importance of their parents where mothers are seen as more emotional than fathers in many cases. So I must say, parents, are like god, treat them in the most loving way you can.


When your husband says I care for you and shows it too: A caring and a loving husband is like a blessing, a woman is the happiest if her husband cares for her and understands whatever she is going through. She leaves her family and comes to a new family where she expects a lot from her husband, so I think a husband must always show his affection towards his wife.


When you cook food and its like finger licking: A married woman always cooks food with an intention of preparing it the most delicious. And when her husband and the other family members appreciate it, she feels so happy and proud. Its always important to show what you feel, so that she can feel proud.


Support and little appreciation from the in-laws: If there is a support and appreciation from the inlaws regarding everything she does, it feels really wonderful and a woman loves to stay in that new family forever where even the faults are treated lovingly without any arguments.



When you are permitted to fly for your dreams: I have seen that some families don’t allow their daughter in laws to fulfil their passion. I think it’s absolutely wrong, if she manages to run the house properly, she should always be permitted to fly her dreams. She should always be the role model for her kids and the family.


I think the above points really means a lot for a married woman. And I must say that woman should feel proud of being a woman and live life like she can do anything and achieve whatever she wants.

I always had that scary ghost in my mind What if I will get married? But believe me marrying the right person is the most important thing to always inquire about. It’s a bitter truth that marriage will always give you some boundations but on the other hand, marriage is also the stage where the feeling of happiness is absolutely different when you are with a new family, your kids, your husband and much more. It’s not always necessary that all the members of the family keep you happy but remember happiness is always in our own hands. So a married woman should always enjoy some of those adorable moments which take place in her regular life and never hold on to the useless topics.

I hope you like the blog and some of the above points surely take place in your life too.
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