Dressed Up Like A Tomboy

So I was interning I Mumbai a year and a half ago and was completely in my college mood, just broken up with a long-term boyfriend, I was kind of in the middle of lots of things. At that time I was outgrowing my bob haircut and being a tall, lanky girl, I was often got mistaken as a tomboy girl. I’ve been mistaken as a cool dude, one of the guys, bro and what not. Which I always take as a joke and never give a big fudge about, however at that time when I was interning in Mumbai, it took me by an awe, that I, a fashion student just got called tomboy? That too the guy that addressed me, tomboy, crushed my heart as I was developing something for him. However, we ended up being best of friends, and he still calls me bro. However today we are going to talk about all the No nonsense girls all the dress powerfully to show who’s the daddy in the room. Don’t worry I believe that even when dressed up like a tomboy you can look as gorgeous as you are.

Now, this is a very feminine picture for most, but do you see the leather jacket, the distressed denim & the boots. When I say tomboy or no-nonsense dressing I never mean you would have to wear clothes of ’00’s rappers. It simply means wearing clothes or styling yourself without categorising the fact that you are a lady. If you ride a bike, you WOULD need all the above-mentioned articles.


A utility jackets with multiple pockets which can be very handy especially if it is waterproof too. A classic tomboy look with nice army inspired utility jacket a foam flattering T-back, denim & your superstars is a great combo for all the girls who like to stay active and boss of their own.


In the continuation of the first picture and in the continuation of the initial argument, distressed denim, plain white t-shirt, a leather jacket & pair of sneakers, while they do not scream boyish look, it certainly establishes that how of a chick you are. You can be as sensitive as a little flower & can dress like a street smart girl.


Now this is as close as we can get to the boyish look, it is literally adaption of boys cloths, however she is looking way more awesome than a boy would ever(no offence, she killed it), a baggy denim, a striped shirt, paired with a notch collar sports jacket in ash grey color. Topped with a Bennie cap. You see she has still got the grace & charming smile, but the fact that she chooses to dress in her own style makes it even more interesting.


The last one is my favourite and kind of classic 90’s look. It is more of a convertible look. A denim short skirt paired with a baggy denim jacket with patches & a cap, now roll up your sleeve and become the boy gang leader and roll down the sleeves, remove the cap, ruffled hair and voila we have our lady.


So in the end, dress up however you like, be it like tomboy or an eye candy, it’s you reflection in the mirror that needs to be happy.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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