Dresses For Women, Having Different Type Of Body Shapes

Dresses are the best attire for many occasions, there are many varieties and styles available for all sorts of body types. I’m legitimately skinny person, which means I have to shop dresses keeping in mind I don’t get called hanger by anyone. I mostly try to cover up my bod with added layer of a shrug or cardigan to conceal by the boney structure. In today’s blog, we are going to feature some of the elegant dresses and how they are correct for various body type.

1.Pear body shape: The main trait of this body is wider hips, heavier bottom. This type of body type’s main attraction lies in the torso if Accenture the shoulders with low cut necklines or drop shoulder sleeve, but tight at the bottom, it will bring out the posture of the wearer. Although there are very few people with the naturally pear shaped body as the narrow shoulder and wide hip is difficult to maintain. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of pear body shape.



2.Hourglass body shape: This type of body shape is again very difficult to maintain where the shoulder or bosom are wide, thighs are wide, and waist is drastically slim if compared. Dresses which are fitted from the waist or have high waist cuts are perfect for this. Two piece dresses with belts will also look really pretty on such body type.



3.Rectangle body shape: This type of body shape has feature of same width of shoulder, waist & hip. Mostly slander bodied ladies have this body shape. In this body shape, trying to give some volume can be handy. Such as adding shoulder pads or flaps at waist or some fit & flare styles can be flattering.



4.Wedge body shape: In this body shape the torso is narrow but hip & legs are wider. Rather than dresses, wearing jumpsuits or shorts as the best feature in such body types are the thick thighs. For such body type, fitted dress with trails can also give a good head turn.



5.Apple body shape: As the apple is shaped in such body type shoulders are bulky and bottom part of the body is narrow, In such body type, Flared garments look better, shirtdresses can also work wonders. Wearing Shift dress has never been easy for lanky people like me but people with apple shape body can carry this effortlessly.



6.Round shape body: With such body type many women feel shy carrying short dresses, but with the bright color scheme, you can really flatter everyone with grace. Wear dark colors, black and navy as it gives an illusion of slim. Avoid dresses with a belt or heavy waistline. Midi dresses with a collar will give a flattering attire for such body type.



Of all, remember to embrace your body type whatever it might be. Appreciating yourself comes first. Have a good day.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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