Dressing In 30’s

Entering to thirties makes you undergo a slight transition from a chirpy young girl to a stable grown young woman. Although that doesn’t change the fashion habits, it’s just some alteration in the choice of clothing and fashion accessories. Most of us are married by the age of 30, few are thinking of family planning, daily meeting your job requirement and home responsibility all these changes in your thinking and perception of the world. From my point of view, we become more socially aware and doesn’t want to be too experimental with our clothing.

There isn’t any remarkable difference in the wardrobe unless and until it is required by your professional or personal commitments. Thirties girl have a better sense of fashion developed from their past experiences, so they will do their research, look out for more options before buying a different style garment. Choice of colours will also be more classic, subtle and pleasing rather than too glittery. It’s also a good idea to get your clothes stitched from some modern boutique or your stylist to suit your body type and a rightly showing your body contours.

However, we are our fashion stylists, so it varies from person to person, but the majority of girls go for more elegant looks after crossing age 30. Here are few tips for you:

• Avoid tops and t-shirt with big comic characters
• Too bright or glittery dresses should be reduced in number
• Short fitted tops showing your belly can be replaced with long & flared tops
• Cape & Maxi dresses look very impressive when you are in the thirties
• Long and straight fitting skirts looks more elegant than short ones
• Short skirts or short dresses can be worn with stockings
• Different style of Shrugs are good to experiment with
• Front open long and short cover ups or jackets are inns for the desired look.
• Avoid too graphic design pattern
• Waistcoat and Blazers are descent in formal wear
• Loose or Baggy clothing doesn’t give the right look
• Match the dress with precise accessories
• Wear dresses according to your figure type – too loose or too tight shouldn’t be included

Most of the Indian women can do some re-designing of their traditional Indian dresses which is something prevalent. For instance designing a new blouse of an old saree or may be getting a Kurti stitched using an old dupatta of an embroidery suit. Making a skirt from some different fabric and doing a mix and match are a few of the suggestions which are quite successful. Similarly, it is nice idea to include some basic and neutral coloured denim, cotton pants, spaghetti top and t-shirts in your wardrobe so that mix & match become easy.





Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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