Espadrilles , Sabyasachi + Louboutin

We all have drooled over the cover pages & photoshoots of leading celebrities carrying Sabyasachi Signature garments. Royal colour pallets, heavily detailed embroidery, flattering flares & graceful cuts. These things have made Sabyasachi one of the most elite brand in India. A bride dreams to wear Sabyasachi in a way or two. While Sabyasachi is great at what they do for bridal wear & ethnic wear. We all were taken by a surprise when in Amazon Fashion show His collection had a gorgeous limited edition footwear.

Now Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Sabyasachi for the line of footwear & accessorise line. Louboutin has a signature look for red & spiked heels while in a way or two Sabyasachi always includes metallic& Reds in his collection. While Sabyasachi showcased 10 styles of footwear in the fashion show & 80 pcs. For limited edition collection. They were not for sale however they are available on EBOs of Louboutin across India

While it is a very pricey shoe, it is worth it for the sake of collection & very special occasions. These pretty charmers can be paired with even denim & jacket or a dress if you have a knack for it.






For the very collection & collaboration, Sabyasachi had a great enthusiasm “I don’t believe in building and collections anymore. I think one should build specific things for specific people which also helps is promoting sales. So there is a Goth element to its feature, there is a rock star element to its style, there is travel element to its lifestyle, there is something very healthy and slightly conservative, there is something unique and sexy, there is something practical, and then there is something completely insane,”Sabyasachi stated.


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