Fashion Alert – Wrist Watches Collection

Wrist watches is one of the jewels that a woman loves to have, and she carries it with style. Presenting someone a wrist watch will surely be appreciated be it your spouse, mother, sister, or friend. Despite the clocks available on all the gadgets be your phone, tablet, wrist watches are still loved by everyone. For a lady whether she is attending any event or in the office or at shopping or family affair, her beauty of hand will be showcased with a wrist watch.

We have a lot of luxury and expensive watches collection available these days. Branded watches have become a symbol of your status and success these days. The classic timepiece watch collection made up of stainless steel is an all-time favourite option since ages. Its luxurious look gives an extraordinary charm to your wrist. Famous Brands such as Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors are few of the leaders in this category. These watches go well with the formal and casual wear. It looks aesthetically beautiful and compliments well with your dress.

Another classic watches collection includes gold bracelets watches. These watches were more popular in the nineties and are still liked by few of the women. For example, Titan Raga watches, Bulgari’s, Guess and Michael Kors collections. Golden watches can be paired if you are wearing glittery attire or may be golden colour /worked dress for some evening gala party. These watches look like a piece of jewellery thus leaving a different impact.

Leather strap watches are more for casual wear when you are just in the relaxed mood or on your daily routine. More often seen by people while travelling and during the vacations. It looks good with denim pants, long skirts, jackets.

Sports watches are another contemporary category famous in a group of young women who like to experiment with their fashion sense. Also, worn by sportswomen as a tool for their fitness practice. Sports watches have many other features including heart rate, blood pressure, stop clock.

Big watches are trending from last couple of years more than the regular ones. Timepieces with oversize dial covering your entire wrist are very favourable these days. They may be golden, black, silver or rose in colour but they were chosen by most of the women for the glamorous style. These watches look prominent and catch immediate attention.

Colourful watches such as Pink & Purple were also available for those who like to wear a funky type of watches especially college and school going girls.

Wristwatches look gracious on all the women. Just keeping in mind your attire and makeup most likely wrist watch will be complementary with your dress.






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