Fashion Basics: Try something New But In A Right Way

When you are friends with someone for as long as a decade or so, you would know about their all the habits, and you would become immune to such too. Like my best friend, whom I know for over a 7 years now, she would always reach for comfy t-shirts in solid colours, she would always grab a grey dress with fitted line, she would always buy strap on sandals. Even when I see her after a year or two, she would be the same. Not that I repel that, but sadly she never tries anything new, I would run at the opportunity to shop with her and get her that flashy short kurta at the first chance.

The gist of this is that all of us are stuck in a loop of one particular style. That is our comfort zone. Like for some it’s some sort of denim, some particular brand that is their ghost of past. Some particular old t-shirt style that is way out of fashion but they will still reach for the same.

It is fine to go back to basics, but many ladies fade away in the crowd as they never try anything new. Here are few tips to recover from such situation.

1.  Try with small changes, See if you don’t want to change you never have to, for me comfort for self comes first, do not change for someone else, change for yourself, dress up better for your own self. Try changing with colours, if you always wear baby pink for example, try a little different than that, wear a nice orange may be, or a maroon. It will defiantly catch some attention like, what is different today?

2.  My mom always wears same accessorize, like her watch, her earrings, her bangles, and then she sees me, changing everything every day, so I buy her this new watch, completely opposite to her regular tiny gold watch, a leather strapped big dial formal watch. And she admired it for at least an hour at how her hand looks more delicate with such, you can try the same, change accessorize. Earrings, finger rings body chains if you are looking for something more dramatic.

3.  Do not feel bad if someone says it is looking odd or unappealing, embrace yourself the way you are, look for fashion tips with some people you trust in, read blogs, or simply read our articles. That would provide lot of help. Also go with your instincts.

4.  Do not let go off your style completely, that defines you. Like if you always wear a plain black dress, try to wear a dress which reflects a little bit of emerald with it, it will complement the look and your style will remain intact.

5.  Take inspiration from celebs, Now sure it sounds dreamy to wear and style like our celebrities but still it is not difficult to adapt it in a way or two.

6.  Here are some ideas, for transformation just try some of this year’s latest trends.






Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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