Fashion Essentials – Clutch bags

The most important and must have accessory for a women’s wardrobe is her bag’s collection. A wide range of bags of varying size, shape, design, material and colors is ‘the essential’fashion accessories. There are lots of bags and purses available but out of them the ‘clutch bags’ is the favorite option being small and easy to carry. Clutches are always in fashion and matches with everyone personality irrespective of age, place, and attire. Clutches go well with all the dresses be it Indian, Western, Casual or Traditional and thus they are must to have in your wardrobe. Clutch bags can be held in hands, hang on shoulders or can be put in the big handbag.

Even if you are fond of carrying big bags and purses, then also a clutch is essential to keep your valuable stuff such as key, money, and cards inside your big bag. Clutch bags are not only considered to be a fashion accessory, but it also holds functional values. So, girls be wise in choosing your bag, make sure it should be fashionable and useful as well.

There are different options of clutches available in the market meeting all the occasions. For example, Gaudy golden rose glitter clutches are most suitable for weddings and big celebrations. While black or dark colored leather clutches go well with western dresses and can be carried while going out on the evening dinner with family and friends. There are also embellished box-shaped clutches trending these days that looks very classy and are perfect choice for attending high-end parties and gala events. Clutches with beaded design made up of fiber giving a rug like look is popular with college going girls as they can be hanged on shoulder.




Small leather clutches are preferred by young professionals that can easily fit in their laptop bag. The clutch bags looks very elegant and at the same time fashionable while going out for team lunches with office mates or attending conferences from office. The clutches is great alternative to your big handbags.

A beautiful clutch bag will give you a glamorous look by adding sparkle to your attire. It is easy to match the clutch bags with the color of your dress and footwear. It is a perfect way to transition your look and boosting self-confidence.

As it says, “A women’s best friend is her purse”!!


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