Feel Cool With These Comfy Summer Collection

It’s been greater than 30C levels here in Delhi for the previous week. It ‘s nice to see beautiful sunny weather – but boiling. Not really that I want to complain about it, I embrace the summer, but I think it is tough to dress suitable for this high temperature. I think I’m knocking right!! What to wear?? I love layering as it makes me simply feel good and fashionable wearing many pieces on top of every other. You hardly see me with no leather jacket, a vest or some cardigan. But with this type of climate, this is almost impossible. So here’s a very simplified and clean outfit that we can wear in this weather.





: ) Also, I want to share with you the incredible dessert that you can have this in hot weather. It looked so yummy and tasted amazing. I’d extremely recommend you to try the coconut sorbet – Best Ice Cream I have ever had! Happy summer to most of you.


 Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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