Floral Prints Summer Staple

Floral prints are always trendy and continue to be in fashion since ages. Floral printed dresses look super cool in summer and spring season. These are perfect attire to be in your wardrobe to wear in the scorching heat. Florals prints similar to flowers look so refreshing and sparkling making you gaze the attention.

Floral prints are available in full range of dresses such as maxi dresses, skirts, ethnic wears, tops, Indian Kurtis, shoes, swimwears and even shades. Floral designs are almost everywhere in all the fashion clothes and accessories. It is quite common and mostly loved by all the women irrespective of their age. Floral Swimsuits on vibrant colour shades of Pink, Green, and Black are all time favourite categories. My collection of florals includes an Indian short kurti which I team up with white denim or regular denim and a maxi dress. I also have a floral printed footwear and sunglasses to complete my look for the upcoming summer and spring season. They look perfect and gives me a cool look in this hot weather.

Floral accessories such as earrings, necklaces, hair accessories, footwear and shades are also gaining popularity and can match up with your dress. Floral tiaras are so popular and are perfect for different occasions. Footwear with floral prints and wrist watches and bracelets with floral pattern is also catching attention.

In the summer season floral are available in soft pastel colours and vibrant colours giving a variation of the theme. Floral patterns look extraordinary on pastel shades as these shades are non-traditional and give a different aesthetic appearance to the garment that we all are looking for.

Floral designs can be small prints across the garment or a big motif giving a 3D impact on the dress. Watching the history floral design have been inspired by our ancient King and Queen dresses where floral motif design was very prominent and looked so iconic. Floral embellishments designs are also common where the designer has used floral motifs on the neckline or the back of a dress.

Floral designs in Indian Sarees, Suits, Lehenga’s are also trendsetting in the wedding season. There are so many silver-golden floral embroidered designs witnessed in the bridal collection every year.

It’s nice to have some mix match in your wardrobe so girls try mixing dark shades with floral pastel garments or may be floral printed trouser with a plain top and some accessories, I am sure it is gonna give a promising appearance.








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