Flower Power

Flower power. This spring summer the flower trend was at its peak. The flower trend often relates to feminism & girl power. Flower power originated with the hippie culture. In the 1970s the generation that was the first one to be born after the war and was fed up with the whole wars going on. So this generation decided that the eternal love, peace, flowers and bright colors, Marijuana and tie die was the answer and easy way to escape the depression of the real world. However this was portrayed, this time of the era gave us brilliant artists and many more fashion trends to follow. Flower trend originated since the inception of garmenting. However, it has resurfaced in many other ways in the fashion world from time to time. Here are few such attires which depict the true flower power.

What is the difference between a local shop selling garments and putting them for a display and professionals putting up an attire for the showcase? You caught it correct, it is the presentation of the whole garment. The focal point is kept on one particular article, and all the other articles are there to make it a great outfit. This one above is one of such piece. The focal point is on the black wrap over coat. With bright red flowers embedded on it. Featured as a Harper Bazaars cover. It is an extraordinary piece. Paired with an overall print dress, a tasselled hair tie and very delicate gold plated accessories.


While flower prints are a common fashion, this attire above is directly from the ramp. However, the whole concept of from down to above print to embellishment is giving it a lively look. The color pallet is also very fresh as usually such colors are not mixed up with the flowery look. A flared midi look is also trendy this year. It is an ideal wear for cocktail evenings or a night party at the beach.


On the contrary, to above two attires this is more of an easy to pull of flowery look. An embroidered chiffon blouse paired with denim shorts and boots with zipper detail. Ideal for summer day outing. Elegant and not much revelling. The main attraction is flower embroidery of various color. You can wear it with like color tights to give a more feminine look.


Another piece takes straight away from the ramp. However, the garment is inspired by athletic wear the fabric used is silk satin and the heavy embroidery is giving it a rich look. The use of color pallet is also very rich. The satin cream & Maroon is such a color of royalness. The whole detailing is very minute & done with such craftiness. This is a nice example of how a person can gear up for a really elite party.

For all those people out there who think the minimalistic approach is the key to their heart. This simplest piece would be your delight of the flower. For those who admires flower power but refuses to dress up like a bucket, this is a real nice treat.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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