French Girl, It girl

When I say France, Then what comes to your mind when you hear France or Paris or someone speaking French? Julius Caesar? French revolution? Vikings? Napoleon? The romance and art? Buildings? The utterly charming French boys or the classy French design houses? Well for me this and everything else works just fine. I have been long obsessed with France and its beauty. It’s a small country of Europe with lots of love to share. French girls are described as the prettiest one but why? Because they are really good at keeping things natural. The beauty lies in effortlessness. Here are few tips of French styling.
Paris, the heart of France, has something in its air. Mostly seen in classic films, the most mundane situations and places also can make you feel utmost romantic in Paris. The men, the cuisine, the attraction & the vibe. The fashion there and the French it girls are no different. The effortless slightly exciting and filled with old world romance styling is wooing men since years & years.

The very old infamous French essence are all available here. Ballerina, ankle crop trouser, black knit sweater and a scarf for the lady that you are.

This look can be very well achieved with all the basics in your closet.

Mesh and monochrome bring out the essence of the feminine. An eggshell fitted blazer dress, paired with black mock neck knit. Mesh stockings. And classic red French lip colour. Other than that French fashion is a lot about playing with monochromes. If you here the only colour that is highlighted is red.


There is a special connection between French girls and bangs. Bangs are a style that is very hard to carry, and yet French girls carry them effortlessly. So basically their motto is fake it till you make it. Saying that I woke up like this. However, it is really a tough job to be as slender and with a kickass bangs. Lou Doillon has managed to pull it off, however. A brunette with bangs and all black suit to look slender. Bell bottoms with black make you look as slender.


The flappers were originally from the USA, however, French seems to pull it off better. With again monochrome dress the fitted skirt with cap toe monochrome heels, a plain black blazer & a playful hair band over the head. I do not know if it is Johnny Depp’s looking smacking hot here or Vanessa Paradis’s 20’s inspired look. She steals the title of being an It girl.


Now, this look is speaking all about how sexy it is to dress in a trouser and still knock down all the romper wearing skinny ladies. This is one of my absolute favourite French it girl pick. Black heels, Black fitted trousers, a satin nude shade camisole, a choker and a fur coat. Keeping the minimal makeup, an earthy blush and a messy weave-y hair. French girl is confident and elegant. And that’s the best accessorise you can pull off.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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