Gender Neutrality

How do you remember growing up? What were the toys that you played with? What were the clothes you owned, how did you parents decorated your childhood room? What was it to like to grow up and be in your same gender friends group? All these questions will have some specific answers and ask these to your male friends. Their early childhood will be gender neutral. I played with the same toys as my brother, I wore same clothes as my elder brother did. But as I grew up from a child to 7-9 year old, I replaced my old gun toys and action figures with doll sets & Barbie, I stopped playing video games & started to gab one thing or another with friends from school. I wanted to look pretty & nice. I refused to wear same clothes as my brother. Got even older, the adolescent age, I was more aware of my looks, and my hair & I liked to wear clothes which were shiny and delicate, basically all of us have gone through the same journey. But something unexpected happened, somewhere around the early 20s now I feel that I wear or dress up for comfort on regular days. For special occasions, I would still take the pain to wear that tight sequence dress that will give me itchy angry red rashes, but it would be worth it. But for regular days an oversized T-shirt, Denim and shoes are more than enough. Same goes for many of the ladies out there. Reason being? I have over 5-10 t-shirt/shirt/hoodies of my boyfriend which I took/stole from him, I love this one grey iron man t-shirt & whatever is too tight for him is mine as I love to wear such free size clothes, to look impish and cool. Again I’ll ask why? Why is it relatable too? The concept of boyfriend jeans, the launch of overalls in blue and blacks, embracing the pixy cuts why? All answers are pointing towards gender neutrality making its way stronger than ever in our generation.
There have been many surveys on such topic, less than 55% people are still shopping from gender specific department, other 60% are opting for their own choice. It is of course portrayed in a very vast manner. But the best part is people are accepting the fact about gender neutral world, more on they are embracing their own choice. Men are opting for rather feminine clothes. It is about what suits you, without caring for world’s opinion. I have seen few of my friends complementing me on how good my hand gloves with bear cubs head knitted are, and asking to where they can get them. I have a lady friend who loves to wear all boys’ clothes and has short hair but is really feminine as a person.

Now, these things have been around since a long time, remember how Julia Roberts has worn a pantsuit with a tie in Notting Hill? Adorable and empowering, Yves Saint Laurent – YSL, famous French design house launched tuxedo for women in 1960s.






Zara has launched a gender-free clothing and their first attempt only made headlines.

Another brand of Zara’s parent company Pull & Bear has launched a line of gender Neutral clothes.







Guess’s Him+Her collection-








David Bowie & prince, two legends we sadly lost last year has been accepting and promoting this since their stardom peaked.


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