Greenery Colour Of The Year

When we were kid, we all had our favourite colours, pink, blue, purple, red, yellow green and what not. But as we grow up the sense of what other people thinks, or what if this colour make me look fat, ugly, skinny, dark all this starts to clutter our mind. It is a basic human tendency. Now there is few colour we frown upon to wear or use it in any sorts. Now when I recently studied about colour of the year, I really frowned on it at first. It is green. The colour marketing company including Pantone officers chooses over 100 colours and narrows it down on the basis of research & themes one final colour makes the cut. Now last year’s most popular colours were serenity & rose quartz. Which are more of my taste, but when the sudden change took place in the year 2017 I was taken a back. However when I dug dipper at the concept. It made me realise that how fresh the whole concept was. Here is few example of the colour of the year Greenery.

Remember In the movie Sky High, how Danielle Panabaker, having super power of nature, included green shade in one way or another throughout the movie, even in the last part of the movie she wore a global green prom gown. But let’s all consent, she is gorgeous and has a way to pull off literally any colour.

A very simple accentuated piece minimalistic style. However this piece need not be paired with black, green is a tricky colour to pull off, and it should be rather paired with shades which will make green the centre of the attire. Such colours are silver, white, very light lemon yellow.


This is a very tricky piece and to be honest, it is not viable to pull off something like this with our weather. However, a modified version of this top with warm grey shades can be an ideal wear to spice up the office attire. You see it often happens that wearing greys and blues makes you fade out from the crowd while wearing a hint of bright colours like such can brighten up your look and the mood. Simply pairing a green kurta with beige wide-legged pants will brighten your office look.


This one is official picture from Pantone, and just looking at this picture gives your dull eyes a sense of peace. A very simple box blouse with deep V paired with crepe midi skirt with a trail. Pair it with bellies of matching or tan, and it will be perfect for any summer day outing.


There is always a question of how to pull off the colour as such greenery with global green. So the answer is to pair it with darker green. Like emerald green, it will balance out the emphasis of the garment.


If opposite of the above situation, you, however, do not like the green colour bout want to include somehow, pair it with some colour such as white or silver or beige in background with print or embellishment of the desired green shade.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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