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We all have a wild side of ours trapped inside us. Now when I say wild, it is more on the note where there is a connection with nature. Some people get immensely happy seeing running water, their whole mood changes while some people like mountains & it gives them a sense of belongingness to it. Some people like me gets all the good feeling to see the big huge gardens. The wildly grown flowers & the greenery and the midst it creates in the air. I have always liked the minute details in flowers and colour patterns. Also while growing up, I watched lots of Garden tea parties & people behaving in one standard manner while at it. So when I came across the collection of Gucci Garden, It immediately made me fall madly in love with the collection.
It is a magical, mystical, takes you whole another dimension kind of a collection.


A denim skirt with botanic embroidery, a satin shirt with embellishment on the shoulder with light weight metal, a silk scarf as a bandana. It is a hip look for to connect with the collection while keeping it classy with signature Gucci Garden metal buckle belt.


The more serene look with a modest hemline with a school girl’s skirt in with literally garden landscape printed & a toned down Mesh & crochet panel blouse. The handbag is a part of the collection with emphasising motifs of animals & insects on it, the beauty is it still makes it gorgeous.


The whole Gucci Garden Collection is for online stores of Gucci, and frankly speaking, we all do a lot of window shopping while copped up in the room on holiday. Amy collection that is put online doesn’t impress me if there is at least one or two basics articles included in the collection. Like here a denim & and a t-shirt. Very casual and laid back with patches & motifs & embroidery all over it. The focus would still be on the fit as the Accenture of the body will be highlighted due to the bold prints.


While this collection is dear to me, sometimes even if it’s on the ramp, the bold prints & colours will make the whole thing one too much if you would pair more than one article of the collection. You see such prints & collections are always subjected to be criticised on the point of fit & boldness, avoiding such clutter will save from looking like a zoo.


The best part about this put up is how the wild flowers & leaves and gardens are conjoined with animals & insects in a way or other. Like pairing up a whole flowery dress with snakeskin boots.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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