Guide To Achieve Perfect OOTD Everyday

Monday blues or Friday buzz. The boho chic or a classy affair. The gist lies in OOTD. For those who are unaware of the term OOTD, it stands for Outfit of The Day. What is the attire for today? Now being a millennial staying on point online and offline stands for goals. Picture it, a broody brunch with your girlfriends, lots of selfies and lots of pout. You need to be ready but what about a regular day at university? And how about a getaway with your friends? And not to forget the lunch dates or an evening stroll.

There are few tips to achieve the perfect OOTD each and every day.
• First of all, know what you are most comfortable in, an entire action-packed day would not be best to pull off a tank dress ad heels rather wear shorts and sneakers with a crochet cami and carry a plaid shirt or a knitted shrug with a kick ass sun glasses.

• Fringes are again making their comeback, wearing a dark shaded fringed top with denim with strappy sandals and a backpack shall give you a grungy look.

• There are days when it’s just plain, boring and no matter how many clothes you change it ends up making you feel sluggish (happens with me all the time!) on such days the remedy is to be the basics. As per the last article, if you are feeling messy and lazy opt for athleisures. Even if you have no plan to workout whatsoever.

• There are some must haves in the wardrobe to be an all-timer diva of #OOTD. A plain white shirt, distressed denim, a little black dress, a black cami, pair of boots, a sun hat, and sunglasses. You can always keep juggling between these to create perfect OOTDs.

• Being a fashion blogger, I’ve always tried to add a little bit of style to my boring clothes. The key is to balance. It should not look boring, but it should not leave the essence of a workplace too. Like for example pair up a long loose shirt dress with a plain white shirt (the basics I just mentioned above!!) with a solid black denim, tan block heels, and a strapped wrist watch.

• Sometimes you wake up, and your hair declares it to be a bad hair day. And the whole vibe is tangled in it. No worries my dear it’s a day to go dramatic. The double buns or messy buns. Always remember to carry elegant accessories while going sober. Such as carrying a bag or clutch with denim and a shirt and heels and a watch with messy buns and delicate earrings to complete the look on a busy day.

• Apart from this, whenever in doubt go Coachella. See there is a big fuss about Coachella music fest going on since years in and out. And the vibe and the dressing sense of ladies there has inspired me for so long. Check out the pictures, and you shall know it.
So far I believe this shall opt up the OOTD game of yours. Click the best pictures and don’t forget to put #OOTD.

 Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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