How to be alone?

After a certain point of your life when the dust is finally settling down, university friends have moved out on their own way & your crazy lifestyle is turning into a strict time schedule to balance work and personal dynamics. Often in such stress comes add – on of loneliness. This has happened to me from an overcrowded rented flat to a lavish apartment with nothing but furniture and me. And many times the long tiring days will pass by, but the brooding loneliness can trigger at any given point.

Often our elderly feels alone and aloof as their life is taking a change of more habitual life, away from their routine job & commutes. But people as young as 21 feels alone and are triggered by the depression is a challenging issue.There is nothing to be worried about being alone or feeling alone.
Mental health above everything else. There are few tips you can incorporate in your daily life to trigger out the said issue.

• Do not think about it constantly. It sounds difficult to hold back when the chain of negative thoughts start but thinking about the problem you have will do nothing but waste your time & energy. Rather accept the fact that for one reason or another you are alone, co-dependency will make you weaker. Think strong thoughts, think positive. Be grateful for the little things in life that are around.


• Internet and social media can be a boon for such outbursts. No, I do not mean that showcase your deep emotions to the world, I mean to say there are many communities over online portals & social media platforms where you get to share a little and get a small feedback of encouragement. One of such example is “The Artidote” it asks you to share a brief passage to share with the place you belong to, and reading to all the stories only will give you a feel that you are not alone, and all the world is not doing as great as you thought. Everyone is fighting their own fights.


• Meditation & Mindfulness techniques might not always help in the solving loneliness but, it can sure make you calmer. Performing such techniques will give you the insight to tackle the issues currently going on. Remember where there is a will there is a way.


• Other than this, read books, listen to music, and invest time in yourself. Constantly try to battle against bad thoughts. Stroll on your own, run, exercise, join hobby classes. Try to blend with new people, reach out for help.


• Staying alone is a boon for some people who never gets time to explore their own self. Always crowded with people you often tend to forget what your likes & dislikes are. What food, music, clothes, styles, books &movies you like.


• Reach out for help, if sometimes it feels like that the world seems blue, reach out for a friend or a family member. Tell them serenely what is going on in your head and how to maintain the balance while being stressed.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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