How to get a flat tummy

6 moves to a flatter STOMACH!!

You must have felt and seen that people with large figures sometimes become a center focus of a gathering simply because of their size in spite of having smiley faces and wearing impressive dresses with an eye-catching color combination. No matter what claims are made to make your body slim in this shorter span is a hard nut to crack yet you can have a reasonable waist with which you will be able to make your persona more impressive.

First, let’s think about the areas which you are required to work on:

  • Staunch mind:

Whichever the branch of medicinal science you may refer, you will find one common argument that our whole body follows what our mind directs it to do. In other words, our body acts or works as our mind direct it.
So the prime concern you need to have is to hold a concrete decision to work on your body. Once your mind is convinced strongly, then it won’t be difficult anymore for you to shape your body in a decent way.


  • Habits:

Habits are most usually the outcomes of neurotic part of our mind. Whether we wish or not but we cultivate one or another habit knowingly or unknowingly. You just need to observe yourself impartially in respect of every food habit that you have developed throughout your life.

You will be surprised to see that many of your habits are such that you don’t like to have. They had cropped up in your life even when you were not aware of them.

Hence, be determined to observe your habits with a conscious mind and overcome the unwanted. This will help you in maintaining your strict diet and exercises plans.


  • Calories:

It is not important how many times you eat in a day but the most important aspect you need to be more concerned about, especially in India, is what you eat that generates excess fats in your body. According to a study, ideally, an average woman needs 2000 calories to carry out her routine whereas an average man requires 2500 calories considering the physical and mental exertion he does in his routine.

Your dietician will be the best person to plan your diet. Here are some of the tips with the help of which you will get expected results. You will need to bring the changes in your diets such as

1.Use of water, watermelon, salads, green tea with appropriate timing and quantity.



2.Avoid carcinogenic (which causes cancer)  addictions.



3.Sleep well and timely.



4.Avoid Carbonized soft drinks.



  • Exercise:

Exercise when followed with a strict schedule and proper focus and guidance do bring about incredible results. I can quote here the examples of some films and other celebs who have successfully shape their bodies according to their requirements. There has been a dramatic change in their look, energy, skin color, and personality. Here are some of the most effective exercises that you need to follow strictly to flatten your tummy in the targeted time.

1.Follow Anulom & Vilom (Exhalation & Inhalation):



2.Abdominal exercises:



3.Fix a strict daily walking schedules:






5.Rope Climbing



  • The complete body and not merely your belly:

The most common mistake, while flattening their tummy, people make is they focus more on the middle section than the other parts of the body. In fact, there should be an overall body exercise plan should be made because tummy is not only the area for the storage of the fat. It is the burning of the excess calories brings in the desired change. Therefore, when you intend to flatten your tummy, you should plan the exercise for your complete body and not merely the middle section of your body.

  • Tightly disciplined intakes:

This is very crucial for you to monitor your food intake. In today’s fastest life being followed by the professionals, it is evident that people are more inclined to processed food or the spicy packaged eatables available in the market. It would be more advisable to go for a small pack of three or four healthy light meals at the pre-decided time than to have 2 or 3 times larger meals.

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