How to Put on Makeup Like a Professional

Ah, welcome to the world of makeup. History of makeup goes back a long time and has been wallowed in by both genders! So, do you know, what are the basic steps towards applying makeup and ending up with the look you saw on the Internet? So you are at right place guys to understand Elegant and fashionable makeup step by steps in detail.

  1. First of all, when indulging in makeup, one of the most important must haves is lighted makeup mirror. It can be either a Conair double-sided or Floxite Daylight but it is one of the must haves. There are a bunch of lighted makeup mirrors that can help you avoid makeup accidents as they may become quite common and you may end up looking like a weirdo instead of the look you wanted to get! I can tell it from my own personal experience when I started with makeup.
  2. You may need to figure out the skin complexion as that’s also one of the important step towards applying makeup. We have a world of various skin complexions and even more options for the toners, concealers, foundations, lipsticks, moisturisers, and the list goes on. Once you are done deciding your skin tone, you have a world of makeup waiting for you.
  3. Next is to start with the eye. It has been advised and usually, experts apply eye makeup first to avoid any disaster that can happen on the face if done later on. Since I use MAC, I start with the MAC eyeshadow and then eyeliner and lastly, comes the mascara.
  4. Then comes the moisturizer – it brings up a lot of questions like, is your skin dry, oily or mix? The kind of a moisturizer suits your skin will end up giving that glowing look to the makeup.
  5. Though not essential, we can use a primer to make the makeup last longer and it would be good to keep the skin hydrating, isn’t it? BB creams are also a rage amongst makeup users and there are quite a lot of them in the market. But before going and making the purchase, make sure that it matches your skin tone to avoid mismatches. A concealer helps in hiding blemishes and scars on your face. Apply a pinker shade under the eyes to avoid the dark eyes.
  6. Last steps would be to apply foundation, loosepowder, blush and lipstick. We have something called as Kim Kardashian style makeup that gives the face a slightly slimmer look – contouring and that is done by applying bronzer to cheeks, nose, and forehead. Foundation should match the skin tone, followed by loose powder to set the foundation in and avoid that cakey look. And, lastly applying the blush will bring out the life on your face and lipstick, the sexy.Makeup world is an amazing one – there’s more to come from there than you know! A lighted makeup mirror, proper makeup kit (mine obviously includes Mac eyeshadows and lipsticks – they have an awesome collection!) and you are on your way to a beautiful world!

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