How To Sport A Bomber Jacket

For most of the time bomber jackets are used as a light protection against wind. It’s used in early spring where the temperature stays a bit cold & hot at same time. However, the creativity is not bound to this product’s end use for outerwear. It can also be used as a fashion statement.

Mainer times, while wearing a reveling top and not wanting to show it all while still on the commute, a trendy bomber jacket can be handy. I am a considerably shy person when it comes to showcasing my flimsy arms, so I take extra care to carry a jacket or a shrug to cover up myself immediately.

Here are few tips on how to pair up a Bomber jacket.

1. It is the most common way to par up a bomber jacket, put on a monochrome and slip on a bomber jacket in matching hues, per say above image, pair up matching color hued bomber jacket with a black skirt or trouser. It will give a very casual and minimal look. For some days where you are avoiding any unnecessary eye-catching, and head turns, mostly celebrities who are running daily errands are opting for such looks. Pairing t up with a right shoulder bag and comfy shoes will brighten up the look.


2. Now this style in above image is a variant of bomber jacket, suited for colder places. This is particular my favourite as it is bit more emphasizing on the structure of bomber jackets. In particular, this becomes my carry on for almost every long hour flights. For travellers, it is comfortable and stylish (given the luxury of air conditioned atmosphere of course) other than that, pairing it with boyfriend shorts or 3/4th pants will also give a dreamy far Hampton look. On a beach night out such look will make you look sporty & comfy at the same time.


3. Now this one is again one of the must try on look. Absolutely English look. There can be modification as per your comfort level. Like rather than slip-on try brogues, with metal tip. The suede button-down skirt is absolutely adorable, very simple yet very classy. However to spice things up put on a cotton cami blouse, in white or complete opposite navy blue color. Now coming to the bomber jacket, it’s parted in 3 patches, the complementing prints to find is a hack of a job. Such jackets are illustrated and crafted with such care. Bomber jackets are categorized as casuals but pulling out such look will give you a serene classy look. These are ideal for no nonsense chicks. Throw on just a simple leather belt watch with it and brunch is settled with this look.


4. Now we talked about how nonchick chicks can sly the bomber jacket look with their cool aviators & comfort shoes. But what about pure chic? Nothing is bound to them. As seen above, a trailed co-ords, black boots, leather clutch paired up with a bomber jacket. It is absolutely adorable, but I found very intriguing to pull out something real flashy with grace. It’s a must try on, pair it with a halter neck jumpsuit or a sleek romper.


5. Besties stroll out can’t be completed if the matching bomber jacket is not paired up. Now the best thing about Kylie & Gigi’s jackets is the color combination inspired from concrete pond color pallet, it is earthy & toned down for emphasizing the overall look. Pairing it up with bright colors like bright red lipstick will give a fresh earthy look.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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