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Lately, while I was using my usual social networking apps, which I do a lot while travelling as that is when I actually get little time to peep into people’s life, I stumbled upon not once but two-three times on a certain picture. It was a black & white picture. Cropped from a group photo. And in a first sight, I was not able to tell that it was as old as 69 years. It was a picture of an Indian young woman wearing a bikini while competing in some beauty pageant. Sounds familiar? Yes I’m indeed talking about the first Indian woman to take participation in Miss Universe beauty pageant. Her name is Indira Rahman. A devotee in dance, she had a child when she competed for Miss Universe. The main attraction of this picture, however, is how she has easily embraced wearing a bikini and how she has kept a tight hold on her Indian roots with keeping her Bindi and Gajra on point. Here we are going to cherish out fusion of western-Indian a more today with few basic styling tips.

Earlier in the days of Kings and Queens, it is said that their garments were woven with the thread of silver and gold. It was also said that the finest silks and makhmals were imported from far away nations for the Royals and with that kind of royal heritage, it is impossible to resist for an embroidered long jacket over a denim. For a fusion look, I would not suggest a gold threaded rob, but a rob with light embroidery is easy to find and easier to upscale into a fusion look.


Since the movie Jab we Met came into our life, a Patiala has changed from a boring conservative piece of cloth to a fashion statement. Pair a brightly printed Patiala with tailor made crop top with an embroidery and complete it with a jodhpuri jutti.


For all the people who are associated or not associated with Gujarat, you all must be aware about the crazy 9 night’s festival Navratri and how it dates back to thousands of years. Usually, ladies here for the festival wears traditional Ghaghara-Choli and boys wears a Kediyu, wellbeing a hot-headed gender equality screamer I have pair of custom made Kediyu and I love to pair it with whatever Dhotis and Patialas I can get my hands on. It is a must have fusion look in the wardrobe.


While Sonam Kapoor dazzles all the international award ceremony carpets with a swag, she does a pretty damn good job at being a fusion Desi girl. Her concept of dhoti saree and in this case a palazzo sari is a must have. Not to forget the boxy shirt blouse & suede heels.


There are dresses which brings back the memories of the old era. A design firm, Mogra makes dresses as such from a south Indian Sarees.


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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